Have you ever been lucky enough to stand in front of the power of a waterfall? Here in the Pacific Northwest, unlike many other areas in the country, we’re rich with such examples of natural beauty. The largest of them are popular tourist attractions, and the lesser-known falls are well-kept secrets that locals indulge in as a beautiful reward in the middle of a hike.

Have you ever stood by a waterfall and suddenly felt your whole mood change? No, it isn’t a mind trick. It’s a real physiological occurrence. Because of the effects of its negative ions. 

What Is “The Waterfall Effect?”

Sometimes known as “the waterfall effect,” negative ions are released whenever water collides with itself — like in a waterfall or as it often does in the ocean. The negative ions, these invisible little powerhouses, are tossed in the air as the water collides with itself, and we reap the benefit by breathing them in. 

They benefit your mind and body by giving you the feeling of being refreshed and revived. 

What is a negative Ion?

Negative air ions were discovered and have been studied for more than 100 years now, and are widely used for air cleaning. A 2018 review of ionization literature also found that negative ionization can have a positive effect not only on our air quality but also on our personal health. After reviewing over 100 years of scientific studies, researchers found evidence that negative ions have the ability to: 

  • help regulate sleep patterns and mood 
  • reduce stress 
  • boost immune system function 

In fact, negative ions have been shown to reduce (but not cure) the effects of depression, especially when you get longer exposure, like when you lounge by a waterfall after that long hike in the forest. 

There is also evidence that negative ions can increase energy and increase alertness. Those are all pretty great benefits to waterfalls — something we love anyway for their inherent natural beauty! 

How to Get the Waterfall Effect in Your Vancouver, WA Yard 

Natural waterfalls are celebrated for their beauty and wonder, but when it comes to their soothing properties and those related to negative ions, sometimes it’s not about size — it’s about proximity. Have you ever considered creating a waterfall for your backyard? Smaller backyard waterfalls can take the best of nature for you to enjoy on a daily basis. That’s right. You could have your very own waterfall in your backyard. And it’s so much easier than you might imagine! 

What Backyard Waterfalls Offer?

Waterfalls can come in so many different shapes and sizes and can be scaled to suit your yard’s size and reflect the personal taste of your household’s aesthetics. 

Bringing a little calm and beauty to your corner of the world reminds us that we don’t have to travel far away to have a special paradise.

With a waterfall in your backyard, you will have one of nature’s great wonders — and a deeply popular and sought-after type of getaway — that can ward away life’s cares and worries with its repetitious waters, soothing sounds, and, of course, an abundance of negative ions. 

Design Beyond the Waterfall 

No design detail is too small when it comes to achieving your ideal yard. We believe that good design is important because it aligns with our vision of beauty and personality, and, frankly, we believe it helps us live better. 

We want you and everyone we serve to have a beautiful yard. It’s something we all deserve. It is a reflection of who we are. Adding features like ponds or waterfalls can be the design detail that makes your yard a true oasis. Besides, having water features in your yard just makes you feel good. It can brighten everyday life, improve our outlook, and that improved outlook can positively influence our every action. 

When adding a waterfall to your yard, we recommend that you blend your landscape to make everything feel cohesive and natural. Choose plants that complement the waterfall. Build your patio for both a waterfall view and so you can also enjoy its health benefits. 

Bring the Beauty of Water to Your Vancouver, WA backyard

Waterfalls, ponds, patios, and more — if it’s landscape design people need then we’re exactly the folks you’re looking for. For over 20 years we’ve been perfecting the craft of great landscape design for families all over the greater Portland and Southwest Washington area.

How could a great outdoor space enhance your life? Give Greenhaven Landscapes a call today — we’d love to help you achieve your landscape dreams!