One of the most exciting and fulfilling aspects of landscape design is being able to share with our clients and community some of the newer things happening in the world of outdoor design. When we say that no matter what size or shape your yard is that you can have the landscape of your dreams, we really mean — and here are some ways in which you can finally have all you want out of your yard!

Four of Greenhaven’s favorite landscaping trends for 2021

Treat yourself with a luxury outdoor space

If there’s anything that the past year or so has taught us, it’s that there’s no place like home. Just look at the drastic uptick in gardening and other outdoor activities that have recently occurred. People simply love having the option to go outside, get some fresh air, a change of scenery, and doing something beyond being stifled by the limitations of the not always great indoors. 

An aspect of this that more and more people are embracing is going beyond the standard outdoor patio or deck designs to create something more luxurious, to create a space that is beyond a place you go to when you want to and into a destination you can’t wait to spend time in. 

More and more families are blurring the lines between their indoor and outdoor living spaces to create environments that are luxurious, filled with the household amenities that they love, and are completely usable all year round. 

Fully furnished and completed with fireplaces, ceiling fans, LED lighting, installed cooking spaces with prep sinks, refrigeration systems, and the like, these luxurious will surely be the spot you and your loved ones will want to spend quality time together in. 

Love the earth and your yard with dry landscaping

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time in southern California or the southwestern states or Arizona or New Mexico, then you’ve probably noticed that they do landscaping a little differently over there. 

Unlike our more rainforest-like temperate climate, these states are known for their dry, arid climates that support a completely different type of vegetation. The style of landscaping they are known for is called xeriscaping, and it’s a trend that is making its way to other sectors of the United States. 

Why? Well, for one, it’s a style of landscaping that places water conservation at the forefront of its aesthetic, using plants that require very little water, very simple irrigation systems, but are no less beautiful in their appearance.

Though cacti are probably the most referenced type of plant in many xeriscaping designs, there are an abundance of beautiful drought tolerant plants that can thrive in this style, including artichoke, agave, lavender, rosemary, juniper, santa barbara daisies, and many, many others. 

Increase your productivity and sense of calm with an outdoor workspace

2020 presented a number of challenges but it also showed us all a few opportunities. One of those opportunities is the rise in remote work, with companies embracing this approach to work out of necessity and the proof that workers are happy to trade their commute to a cramped office for an increase in the convenience and work-life balance that working from home can offer. 

While the lines between work and home have faded somewhat, what has become clearer is the need for people to have better, more beautiful, and more usable work spaces that reflect their personalities and style of work. 

The Greenhaven team is overjoyed to be working with clients who are looking for year-round outdoor workspaces that give them exactly what they need to produce their best work, whether it be a simple covered space to protect them from the elements, or a space that is fully customized for hosting meetings and giving them the privacy, technological amenities, and functionality of even the most advanced professional spaces. 

Find a sense of peace and increase your happiness with a waterfall or water feature

Scientific research has shown that areas called “blue spaces” — areas in proximity to water — are known to increase happiness in people. Research also shows that the negative ions released into the air when water splashes against itself can create a sense of calm in people when they are breathed in. 

With all the stress that can exist in the world, doesn’t having your very own source of calm in your very own yard sound, well, relaxing to you? It’s so much easier to have than you might realize!

For a number of years now, Greenhaven has specialized in developing and installing waterfalls, reflection pools, and other water features into our client’s landscape designs to not only make their yards beautiful, but to also help them make their lives more peaceful and enjoyable. 

If you’re thinking, “Well, there’s no way my yard could accommodate something like that” you might be surprised. Today’s technology is more compact, durable, and well performing than ever before. What’s more is how natural and realistic the designs can be, which in turn creates a water feature that feels organic and fully integrated with your space. We can feel the calm wash over us just thinking about it.  

Don’t you deserve a yard that you truly love?

These new designs excite us because they are new ways in which you can express yourself and live the life you want to live not just inside but also outside of your home. More to the point, these designs further reinforce that your yard is a part of your home. We’d be honored to help you bring your landscape to life!

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