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Greenhaven Landscapes designs and installs patios, paths, and driveways in Vancouver WA & Portland OR.
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This is where life happens. The kids on bikes in the driveway, fun nights with friends on the patio, paths that take you to new places. . . or the backyard. These elements are the bones of your outdoor space. We make sure they’re built right. With more options than ever we will help you design something that makes a statement, leaving your friends, neighbors and family impressed with your great taste. Contact a Vancouver WA landscape design expert today!

Types of Materials

Patio, Path, & Driveway


Slate has a lot to recommend it. With a variety of colors slate is a beautiful natural stone that adds an organic element to your hardscape. Knowing it is non-slippery and hardy means you can enjoy it without worry.
Patio, Path, & Driveway


Pavers are a strong product excellent for patios, paths and driveways. With a variety of styles, patterns and colors there is something for every home style.
Patio, Path, & Driveway


Concrete is a classic choice for driveways and patios. Stamped concrete can create a unique appearance with a range of textures and colors. Or you can go with the classic surface.

Patio, Path, & Driveway From Greenhaven

What our clients say

“The consummate professionals, Greenhaven cannot be beat. They are friendly, dependable, innovative and work closely with you to produce exactly what you want. They transformed an idea into reality within budget and it is superb. I hired them for all my yard maintenance after the two landscaping/water feature upgrades and am more than pleased. My number 1 choice for anything I will need in the future. Eric and Rick know how to do it all and they do that to a high degree of perfection.”

– Jodi Tripp

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