Enjoy your backyard and outdoor spaces all year-round 

Swimming pools, backyard games, and gardening are all indicative of warmer months and sunshine. But with fire pits, water features, and professionally designed patio and deck spaces, enjoying your backyard in the evening can certainly be a year-round enjoyment. And even in the wettest, coldest, and snowiest of nights, the benefits of outdoor lighting can still be enjoyed from inside your home. 

When creating a landscape lighting plan, many homeowners assume that the biggest reason to add lights to their outdoor spaces is for the aesthetic. And while yes, outdoor lighting does highlight your property’s best features, it also serves multiple functions throughout your space. Lighting brings to life your home and yard but also serves to help you entertain and live in the space comfortably.  

Just as it is with interior lighting, when installed properly, outdoor lights can create ambiance while bringing safety and security to your space. There are many options when choosing types of lighting, and there are countless ways to install and position them throughout your property to highlight doorways, water features, pathways, and even your home itself!

Here are the biggest ways in which landscape lighting can enhance your outdoor spaces all year long. 

Enhance Beauty

After bringing all your landscape dreams to life and creating an outdoor space you can enjoy all year long, outdoor lighting works to ensure you can enjoy your space even after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting adds elegance and enhances the ambiance you’ve created in your yard. You have at your disposal an endless combination of the seven different types of outdoor lights that can transform your space at night. When installed properly, lighting can work in conjunction with your pathways, structures, and foliage to elevate your aesthetic and make even the plainest of paths look opulent. 

Add Safety

Entertaining friends and family in your outdoor spaces is one of the biggest perks for creating a landscape design. But as a homeowner, you’re also liable for any accidents that happen on your property. Installing landscape lighting serves to keep your yard and outdoor spaces safe, for both you and any guests you may be entertaining. Well-lit pathways, stairs, door frames, and illuminated driveways all work together to ensure you can safely move around at night. 

Provide Security

There is a reason many home insurance companies offer a discount or credit for landscape lighting. Well-lit homes and properties are less likely to be targeted by intruders. Outdoor lighting around your property removes the cover-of-darkness potential burglars rely on and increases the chance of a passerby spotting them in the act. Illuminating doorways and dark walkways, as well as installing motion-triggered lighting throughout your property, all work to enhance your home’s security. 

Increase Value

Outdoor lighting not only enhances your pathways, water features, and landscaping but also highlights your home as well. Well-placed lighting can amp up the curb appeal of your home and emphasize its best features. Landscape lighting can also increase the value of your home while also making it more appealing to potential buyers. When you create a strategic lighting plan for your property you quickly highlight design elements and showcase your home. 

Let us help you light up your space!

When it comes to relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor spaces, landscape lighting is the key to maintaining that same energy into the evening. Outdoor lights create beautiful, safe, and secure places for you to enjoy with family and friends. It isn’t just your water features or focal points of the yard that benefit from a lighting plan — it’s your entire property and home! 

There are many options when choosing not only which type of lights but also where to place them and showcase your landscaping and home. At Greenhaven Landscapes we pride ourselves on working with clients to bring their vision to life and transform a space into the dynamic space they’ve dreamt up. 

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