Spring is just around the corner and good planning and maintenance in spring will create less work and more enjoyment in summer. Here is a quick checklist of things to do in spring so that your summer yard will look fabulous.


  1. Prune back any dead and damaged branches on shrubs and trees for optimal growth.  For severe winter damage call a landscape professional to come and assess what needs to be done to keep trees and shrubs looking good when new growth comes in.
  2. Trim perennials and grasses and pull up any left over annuals you didn’t get in the fall.
  3. Clean up any dead or dying leaves, plants and weeds in growing beds and borders to stop disease and to prep your area for spring and summer plantings.
  4. Fertilize beds, shrubs and trees to optimize summer growth.
  5. Compost yard debris.
  6.  Prep damaged yard areas for new grass.
  7. Rake new gravel and sand back into patios and flagstone paths to refill the joints that have been washed away during winter rains.
  8. Put down a pre-emergent weed killer to tackle weeds before they become a problem.
  9. Check lawn tools like lawn mowers and trimmers to make sure they are ready to take on the summer landscaping maintenance season.
  10. Start making your list of plants to buy and seeds to start so you are ready for late spring plantings.
  11. Inspect your outdoor structures for winter damage and make plans for any repairs that are needed.  Early spring is a good time to contact a landscape professional if you plan to have any work done to improve your outdoor living space and get it ready for summer fun.
  12. Spring is also a good time to schedule a cleaning and maintenance of any water features you may have.


    Have questions? Need help maintaining your outdoor space? Want to get your outdoor space ready for summer and need a bid? Contact us!  Greenhaven is a full service landscaping company that is committed to helping you with all your outdoor landscaping needs. Plan. Plant. Play.