Side yards can sometimes feel like wasted space but with a little planning and effort side yards can become a private oasis or a useful addition to your home. There are lots of options for creating a little side yard paradise.


Here are some tips to make the most of your side yard


  • If connecting the front and back yard use the same style to create a sense of flow and continuity.  Having “peek-a-boo” views of the front or back yard can create a sense of space and openness.
  • If your side yard is sunny it may be a great place to place containers or to create a small garden space.  
  • Climbing plants or clumping bamboo can hide fences to create a sense of privacy and block neighborhood sounds.
  • Window containers are another great idea to create beauty in a small space.  It is also a great place to put a potting bench or other things you want to keep hidden such as composting bins or rain water containers.
  • If the area slopes get rid of grass that is hard to mow and maintain and plant grasses and other low maintenance plants.
  • Create a special nook or patio area that is just right for reading and relaxing.  It may be a great place to put your hammock.
  • Egress windows can be beautified by edging it with ground cover and pots.
  • A dry creek bed is a great way to create drainage and add character to a side yard space.
  • If the side yard faces south, create some shade and cool the house with taller columnar type trees that don’t take up horizontal space.


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