It might have been the eagle that started it all. On a road in Ridgefield, Washington you may have driven past this lovely wood animal paradise. With multiple waterfalls, streams, and bridges this long meandering stream flows along a main road in Ridgefield. The space gives a place for fun wood animals to frolic and leap. And for the community to enjoy the wild imaginings of an outdoor forest come to life. 

When the owner came to us the existing space was a rolling slope and a cow pasture. The owner dreamed of creating a beautiful visual landmark for La Center and Ridgefield, Washington residents to celebrate their natural history. 

From Cow Pasture to Water Feature

Greenhaven designed a beautiful 200-foot stream as a backdrop for this Ridgefield water feature. A butyl liner runs the length of the stream. It is hidden by natural stone that makes the stream feel like it has always been there.  With five waterfalls and an eight-foot elevation drop throughout the stream, the water feature feels natural.

Dark basalt boulders with red flecks line the whole water feature. Along the way, natura-looking bleached tree stumps rise from the water. These create perches for birds and other living critters that want to stop and stay awhile. The whole stream flows into a large pond with a water wheel that gently turns to its own beat. 

A bridge and waterwheel side alongside a Ridgefield, Washington water feature.

Ridgefield Landmark

In the Ridgefield area, the water feature has become a well-known landmark. Over time the wood animals began to appear. First the eagle and then more animals of the Pacific Northwest – bears and cougar. Deer frolic and jump and lumberjacks look towards the distant forest. The elk are pretty dignified but the bears sometimes break out their silly side and play an instrument or two. 

Wooden bears and a gazebo near a Ridgefield, Washington water feature

Buildings line the water feature which gives the whole outdoor space an old western vibe (complete with gold miner). 

This Ridgefield water feature is one that we like to return to occasionally just to see how it is maturing. As the trees grow and the animals creep in, this outdoor water feature is a delightful showcase for all the things we love best about the Pacific Northwest. 

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