Creating Unity in a Period Landscaping

Years of homeowners, with all their tastes and designs, can often overwhelm a classic home, diminishing its stateliness. We emphasize the history of the home and restore the character of your landscape.

The Challenge

Challenge 1: The Farrell House is a well-known historic home in Camas, Washington that has a lot of surrounding land. Successive years of owners had created an unappealing mismatched landscape.

Challenge 2: The existing front wall was falling down and had impossible to find lava rock.

Challenge 3: The home has regular drive bys from the community and hosts lots of parties so it needed to look nice at all times.

Greenhaven’s SOlution

Greenhaven redesigned the landscape taking into consideration the vintage era of the home. The mismatched hardscape was removed, opening up the front lawn and created better flowing lines. A planter that created an imbalance in the landscape was removed and a small rock wall was added that matched the existing period lava rock wall. Plants that did not fit the older landscape were removed, while the established period landscape was trimmed and pruned for more light and airiness. The existing irrigation system was reworked to make it more efficient. The large front wall, which had collapsed, was rebuilt to match the style and placement of the existing wall. Greenhaven worked to source the hard to find lava rock outside the region so that the old and new would be a perfect blend. Greenhaven makes sure regular maintenance keeps the gracious home looking its best.

Overall, the new landscape brought out the gracefulness and character of the old home so it can once again shine.

Elements Used in This Landscape

  • Slate
  • Paver
  • Concrete


From Our Client

“Rick and Eric’s team did an incredible job of restoring the front wall of our historic 100yr old home in Camas. A section had fallen down due to heavy rain over the last two winters. They rebuilt it better than what it was in just 2 days. Great team and great work.”

– Mike H.