Lake Oswego water features are well known in the Portland metro area. If you have been out and about in Lake Oswego recently you might have seen this new addition to the picturesque community. Greenhaven was excited to build this large Lake Oswego water feature as a beautiful focal point for the newly built Springs Senior Living Community.

Water Features of Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego, a thriving community 10 miles from Portland, has it’s fair share of outdoor living spaces. Aside from the lake the gives Lake Oswego it’s name, Lake Oswego boasts a variety of water features around town. These water features create beautiful spaces around the city, dampening road noise and giving the city a outdoor vitality. 

Greenhaven’s Custom Lake Oswego Water Feature 

The owners of The Springs wanted to provide Lake Oswego with another visually beautiful area for residents to enjoy and give senior residents a therapeutic area to relax. Greenhaven collaborated with the owners of The Springs, their general contractor and designers for the water feature. The build is an open concept water feature that would have dual purposes. 

Patio with chairs next to a water feature in Lake Oswego at The Springs

The waterfall is two-sided. One side faces the outer main road through Lake Oswego. This allows drivers and the community to enjoy a touch of nature as they go about their day. The inner court waterfall can only be accessed by the residents of The Springs and their guests. It includes a courtyard with a BBQ for residents to enjoy with family. 

Healthy Senior Living

There is a lot of research that shows that spending time outdoors and near nature can help improve our overall sense of wellbeing and peace. This can include smaller natural spaces, like koi ponds, water falls, and bubblers. Well placed benches and paths encourage seniors to walk and exercise outside in the fresh air.

Rock walls and pond area looking out toward the road in Lake Oswego at The Springs

Seniors who have everyday access to nature are more motivated to be physically active and socially connected. There is just something about the sound of water, bees buzzing, birds singing, flowers and trees, isn’t there? Some studies have shown that it may even boost memory and improve creativity – something we can all use a little bit more of!

Healthy Community Living

Water features promote feelings of renewal, restoration and spiritual connectedness for the community. And they have an aesthetic appeal so urban families have a place to gather and connect. Water features also attract nature – croaking frogs and singing birds – that reduce our stress and connect us to the simple things in life. 

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