We’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops — Washington state is one of the absolute best places in the world you could possibly live. And we get to! The Pacific Ocean, the Cascade and the Olympic mountain ranges, the biggest cities to the smallest towns, the art, the music, the coffee, the people, and, of course, a climate that provides us some of the most beautiful flowering plants on the earth. We truly are lucky. But back to that climate of ours…

Washington State has a reputation for gorgeous spring and summer seasons but gloomy winters.  And while we can’t disagree that we live in a pretty wet area, did you know that cities like New Orleans, Miami, and New York get more rain per year than Seattle? It’s true! In fact, Seattle doesn’t even rank in the top ten of the rainiest cities in America. 

Enjoying your yard in winter

One important factor that many folks outside of the Pacific Northwest don’t understand is that our rainfall is typically more of a light, ongoing drizzle than it is the massive downpours that occur in the eastern, midwestern, and gulf states. This means that we can be so much more active during the rainy season, much more than people realize. All we need is a good raincoat (never an umbrella!), the right shoes, and the right plan, and, well, we’re all set. 

The same is more or less true for our own yards and outdoor spaces, as well. Set them up in the right way for the right activities, and we can spend the entire rainy season outside just about as much as we do in the summer. Are you thinking about how you can better enjoy your yard and outdoor spaces during the winter? We figured that you might be. And that’s why we’re here. 

There’s a whole universe of possibilities, so all you really need is the right plan to get started, and that’s exactly what Greenhaven Landscapes is all about — listening to what clients just like you love, and finding a way to merge those things together into a beautiful, usable, and, most of all, enjoyable outdoor space. 

Liveable outdoor spaces in winter

That covered patio of yours? It’s not just for peak of summer barbecues. And it’s certainly not just a space to store things like flower pots and covered deck furniture. In fact, it’s luxurious, inviting, and highly coveted outdoor living space just waiting to happen. Think of your outdoor space like a sculptor would. It might look like your average, run of the mill yard to the untrained eye, but with the right vision, skills, materials, and guidance, there’s a beautiful sculpture hidden inside. The key to unlocking it and making it happen is knowing what you want. 

We’ve worked with a number of clients over the years who want an outdoor space that is livable, is functionable, and still cozy no matter what the season might be. An incredibly simple solution to making your outdoor space comfortable in winter is by finding the right outdoor heaters. 

Now, perhaps it goes without saying, but when it comes to appliances and other outdoor fixtures that produce fire, electricity, and other potential hazards, we cannot emphasize enough that safety and compliance are of the utmost importance. When you know that those details are taken care of and that everything is up to code, then you can enjoy your space without any worries.

Fire pits for cozy winter gatherings

Some folks swear by the fire pit table, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as wood or gas burning styles. These fireplace tables create a mesmerizing centerpiece to your space, and are great places for conversation, having a few drinks, zoning out, and maybe even a roasted marshmallow or two. 

But if a fireplace doesn’t reflect your aesthetic, it takes up too much space, or if heat and comfort is your concern over creating a dramatic effect, then we suggest considering radiant heaters. These heaters are an incredible solution to keeping your outdoor space warm, cozy, spacious, and energy efficient. Not only can they be hung overhead, which saves you a great deal of space, but they are quiet, produce heat quicker than the average heater that needs time to warm up, and they only heat solid objects around them, meaning that very little of their energy is wasted. 

Durable outdoor furniture for winter weather

Finding cozy, easy to clean, weather resistant furniture is another nice touch to making your outdoor space sing in the winter. Today’s outdoor furniture is made more durable than ever before, and many options actually have built-in storage compartments, than you can fill with blankets, extra pillows, or whatever you think will make your outdoor space more comfortable in the winter. 

Outdoor lighting that lights up winter nights

Add mood lighting — something as simple as strings of overhead patio lights or as complex as a programmable lighting system — and you’ve cultivated a space that is as warm, inviting, dare we say dramatic as any space you could find inside your home. 

Winter details for outdoor living

The features don’t have to stop there! Think of things like hangable day beds, hammocks and swings; Bluetooth projectors for outdoor movie nights; and accessories that can brighten up your mood and the season, no matter how rainy it gets out there. And don’t forget about the plants! You can fill your pots and planter boxes with hearty winter plants like ornamental winter cabbage and kale, clematis, camellia, and more in order to give your space color, texture, and vibrancy.