A waterfall? I can just make it up as I go along, right?

When it comes to a landscaping project, especially one that includes plumbing, “winging it” probably isn’t the best laid plan, especially if you want something that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe for all to enjoy. 

Let’s walk through some of the basic steps in creating and constructing a waterfall in your backyard. We want to make sure it’s done right, it looks good, and won’t be one of those home improvement projects where the final product doesn’t match your vision. 

Of course, you can Google “how to build a waterfall,” but we all know hiring the right team for your project is worth its weight in gold. At Greenhaven, we specialize in designing and installing water features, including waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, into the landscapes of homeowners just like you. 

Ready to get realistic about those waterfall photos you’ve been browsing? Let’s do this together! 

Niagara Falls vs, Multnomah Falls — what is the size of your waterfall project? 

It’s so much fun to dream big, and it’s typically the best place to start when creating the landscape of your dreams. However, being realistic with what will fit in your space is a crucial consideration in creating a waterfall design that will best flow with the rest of your landscape. 

You don’t need to have a massive flow of cascading water next to your foundation to achieve the tranquility you’re after. Sometimes smaller can be better! Understated elegance is always timeless and if you’re working with a smaller space, may be necessary.

Pond or no Pond? The answer may surprise you!

While there are pros and cons to both, did you know that a waterfall feature doesn’t even require a pond at the bottom? And sometimes that “pond” can be your pool, if you have one! 

Some of the benefits of going “pond-less” include the waterfall feature taking up less space and requiring less maintenance. But if you’re interested in having fish or making room for local wildlife, then a pond option would of course be a better fit. 

Another thing to consider: ponds also allow for a broader range of design options. 

Go wild with the plants!

Surrounding your waterfall with plant life will be such a beautiful and natural compliment to your design. 

Just as you were creative in planning your waterfall, we can put that same imaginative energy into making it shine with flowering landscape plants. Taking your backyard from an arid space to a moisture-rich environment allows for plants to thrive while giving local birds, frogs and dragonflies a place to land. 

Greenhaven knows exactly what greenery will look great in your space. We’re so lucky to live in the PNW, so let’s bring the vibe mother nature intended to your backyard!

OMG, you’re putting in a pool!

You’re installing a pool in your yard? How exciting! And the pièce de résistance? A waterfall, of course. The obvious ambiance of this feature is unmatched, but there are other benefits of adding a waterfall to your pool. Working in tandem with your pump, a waterfall will aid in water circulation, keeping all things moving through your filtration system. 

Also, the constantly moving water introduces more oxygen and cools down the average water temperature overall. Already have a pool? Don’t doubt that a waterfall next to your pool won’t have great ambiance effects as well. 

We’re happy to work with you to upgrade your pool with a waterfall. Separately, their gorgeous features, but together, both are enhanced and have the power of turning your yard into a virtual paradise. 

Have you considered what type of investment you’ll make?

Since this is likely your first time installing a waterfall and you’re probably unsure of how much landscape upgrades like these might cost. That’s where we come in! 

There are so many variations to design and breadth of the project, the cost can vary greatly. Understanding the parameters of your budget will give us a clearer sense of how we can help you achieve your overall goals. 

The material you’d like your waterfall made of, the plants you want surrounding it, blending it all into the current landscape, and making sure it fits and makes sense in the space — these considerations all play into the bottom line. Our team can create options for you and will help guide you into finally getting the waterfall and landscape of your dreams!

Ready for your waterfall? Contact Greenhaven now!

While simplistic in nature, waterfalls can be a large undertaking. Unsure of what would fit in your space? What type of waterfall do you want to look at while lounging on your patio? The perfect placement of those perfect stones you’ve spent hours obsessing over. The team of professionals at Greenhaven Landscapes is just as obsessed and we’re here to build your backyard into the sanctuary you desire. Contact us today!