Drainage helps keep lawns beautiful

Is your yard stressed? Do you have proper drainage? Drains play a vital role in maintaining your yard. Nonexistent or improper drainage can open your lawn up to lots of issues that make it impossible to have a beautiful yard. Add dogs and kids, and you will exacerbate your problems. Disease and pests, like the crane fly, invade when your lawn is stressed from over saturation.

Crane fly, a local pest that can destroy your yard

Camas, Washington, due to the lake, has an abundance of crane flies which can be disastrous to a yard. Crane fly larvae, which eat on grass roots and create brown spots in your yard, are a major pest. Many people think the long legged crane fly is a mosquito eater, but that is a misconception. Crane fly eggs are laid in the spring and fall, creating a cycle that can only be stopped with proper pesticide application in November.

However, the best way to fix this issue is to build up your lawn with fertilizer and check for larvae in the fall and see if you need to take steps to stop the crane fly life cycle. Mowing, proper fertilizing and maintenance are all steps you can take to help keep your yard looking its best.

If you have a drainage problem or need maintanence to keep your yard healthy, consult Greenhaven landscaping experts, who can help evaluate your yard and improve drainage or create a weekly maintenance schedule so that your lawn will be beautiful and usable whenever you want to put your toes in the grass.

How Greenhaven transforms

At Greenhaven we create captivating landscapes by incorporating the perfect mix of stone, water, and light with the conveniences of modern living. Here Greenhaven transformed a lawn with very poor drainage by adding the function of a drain and the beauty of stone. We also specialize in making sure that, once your space is beautiful, it is well maintained so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

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