An elevated space is a happy space

No matter your lifestyle, we think everyone can benefit from an elevated patio space, especially when we Pacific Northwesters have to cram all of our outdoor time into just a few months when the weather is nice. The great thing about a patio is that, other than the amount of space you have, the possibilities are really endless for creating a space that’s designed especially for you. 

So, read on to get some inspiration for your patio and get five ways to bring some luxury to your patio space.

1. Add a built-in fireplace or firepit

If you don’t already have a firepit in your yard or on your patio, why not go big for your home and install a permanent fire feature to elevate your space for years to come? If you have the space for it, an outdoor fireplace can really make a statement and provide a focal point to your overall patio design. 

Working with a smaller space? A custom firepit built to fit your patio can still make an equal design statement without sacrificing precious space for furniture or entertainment.

2. Put up an outdoor television or projector

The epitome of indoor-outdoor living is being able to use your patio as a second living room, extending your available living space and footprint of your home. And, if you want to be able to leverage your patio for all sorts of entertainment (did someone say Ultimate Superbowl Party?), a good entertainment system is a must.

Want to get a little creative with it? What about a projector screen for outdoor movie nights with the kiddos or a tricked-out sound system for dinner party ambiance? The possibilities are endless, and however you plan to use the space can surely be supported with technology.

3. Install heaters and misters for a year-round space

Unfortunately for us here in Clark County, we only get three or four months a year where the temperature is comfortable for spending time outside without either freezing or melting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our space year-round with the right tools!

Want to keep your guests cool during Summer barbecue bashes? Invest in some misters or a good ceiling fan or two. Still want to enjoy your beautiful patio even when it’s 40 degrees outside? Ceiling-mounted or standing heaters are sure to keep you warm and cozy.

4. Bring your kitchen outside

If you’re a seasoned chef (or maybe just a big fan of a good barbecued burger), installing an outdoor kitchen is a no-brainer to create the ultimate entertainer’s patio. Depending on how much space you have and what type of cooking you want to do out there, an experienced landscape designer can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen suited to your needs and family. 

While a barbecue is certainly the most popular appliance in an outdoor kitchen, there are lots of other options to make your space not only functional but maybe a little extra fun and unique! What about a pizza oven or a smoker? Or a wine fridge to keep drinks in easy reach? What the heck, why not go wild and put a sink out there, too? After all, did you really cook a good meal without making a bit of a mess in the process?

5. Screen it in & cover it up

Screened-in porches and patios are definitely more popular in the South where bugs are more common (and, dare we say, aggressive?), but why let the South have all the fun? 

In the PNW, we still have our fair share of flies and mosquitoes, and they can be a real vibe-killer if you’re trying to enjoy a warm Summer night outside with friends and family. Now, permanent screens are much easier to install when there’s some kind of structure to attach them to, like a pergola or extension of your roof, but if you don’t have that already, maybe consider investing in a good cover for your patio while you’re at it. 

While we won’t argue that the inside of your home is of the utmost importance when renovating or updating your home, we think a well-planned and well-designed patio can take your home to the next level and make it that much easier to entertain. So why not invest in a space that is fully unique to you and your home that can be used by your family for years to come?

Ready to get starting creating the patio of your dreams? The team at Greenhaven Landscapes is ready to jump in and turn that dream into reality! Contact us to get in touch with one of our skilled landscape designers.