It is that time of year again, the time when it seems that the days revolve around dark, darker and darkest. For months we arrive home after dark and leave before light. It is sometimes difficult to imagine creating something beautiful from the darkness, but landscape lighting is the perfect match for our dark fall and winter months.

Take back your yard from the night

There are a variety of functional reasons to add outdoor lights to your landscape – security, being able to see obstacles, marking a driveway or door. These are all excellent reasons to put lights outside, but lighting can be so much more than merely functional. Lighting will make your home look warmer and more inviting while becoming safer. Additionally, outdoor lighting can create spaces to entertain longer into the fall months after darkness descends. Kids can run in the yard after dark, patios can entertain people later, and outdoor trees and architecture are transformed. Your backyard at night is the wholly unexplored territory.

Outdoor lighting has lots of options

Outdoor lighting has a variety of options and when installed by a knowledgeable person can create dramatic and beautiful effects that enhance your outdoor areas in the darkest of winter.

  1. Uplighting creates nighttime drama by spotlighting focal plants and architecture. They can also create depth to flat outdoor surfaces such as walls and fences. Uplighting is especially lovely in highlighting the limb structures of ornamental trees so they can be enjoyed after the sun goes down.
  2. Path lighting provides safety for walking, but it also can create a feeling of elegance and welcome. Adding lights to stairs also be useful in highlighting these structures at night, so guests and family don’t trip.
  3. Downlighting points down from an elevated position and mimics the glow of moonlight onto trees, decks, and or stone pavers. Downlighting adds visual interest, drama, and dimension to your outdoor space all while giving a feeling of security.
  4. Accent lighting draws special attention to a landscaping feature and can add a bit of mystery and depth. Accent lighting can be a combination of uplighting, downlighting or cross lighting.

All the ways to nightscape your yard

There are a variety of ways to apply night lighting to your yard:

Pool Lighting

Water Feature Lighting

Patio Lighting

Deck Lighting

Path Lighting

Stair Lighting

Wall Lighting

Statue Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Using lights well so that your home is more beautiful and functional requires planning, creativity, and a good design so that your lights will look amazing years from now.

Need help designing your outdoor lighting?

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