Pets are an important part of our lives.  They bring joy and smiles. But they can also bring frustration and mud as they play, dig, and live their lives in our yards.  Here are some ways to create a dog-friendly yard that both you and your furry friends can enjoy.

Add Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf is a great way to get a green lawn that is not easily damaged by dogs. There are a lot of artificial grass options so ask us how to get the look you want.


Don’t forget to fence in your pooch to keep him safe from traffic and other hazards that can harm a wandering dog. Low fences, raised garden beds or containers can also be used to keep your dog from destroying your garden and special plants.  

Dog-Friendly Water Features

Water can be an important element for many dogs. They love to splash and play.  Dog ponds don’t have to be just for your dog. We can create a water feature that is both dog-friendly and beautiful to look at. Giving your dog a safe source of water to cool off is a great addition that both you and your pups can enjoy.

Dog-Friendly Plants

Hardy plants and grasses will keep your dog from doing damage.  Bark mulch and flagstone, when properly prepared to keep weeds from invading, can be a excellent alternative to grass.

Dog Paths

Dogs need exercise. Pathways are a great way to give designated space for dogs to run and patrol their territory.  Find the pattern your dog walks in your yard and put the path along the same route.  Don’t want to see it?  Put up low shrubs and plantings to hide any unwanted backyard views. A path keeps down mud and muddy paws so that dogs can return back into the house will little fuss.


In the summer dogs can overheat easily.  Elegant shaded patios are something both you and your dog can enjoy on hot summer days and warm summer nights. Create a space that both you and your dog can entertain friends. Need a yard for that both you and your dog will love?  We can help!  Contact us to day to see how we can make your yard into a dog lovers paradise – something both you and your pet can enjoy.