Creative outdoor spaces, such as patios and porches, are excellent ways to create relaxing living spaces in both big and small areas. Patios also elevate a basic backyard into an entertainment destination spot, perfect for family and friends to gather.  

Outdoor living spaces can have a variety of elements that enhance and define a space making it seem bigger, inviting and comfortable.  Let’s discuss some ways to design a patio that gives you the perfect outdoor entertaining space for a variety of seasons.

What do you want your patio to do?

Patios can create a comfortable and inviting space for you to enjoy spring, summer, and fall. But what do you want it to do?  Make your backyard feel bigger? Entertain? Create an outdoor living room?   Do you want it covered for more versatility? Do you want an inviting patio for your front yard?

There are a lot of options when creating a patio. Define what your goals are so that as you talk with your landscape professional you can be on the same page.  Make sure you are clear about your goals and what you will use your patio for so that you and your landscaper can decide how to create the perfect space for your needs and desires.

What is your patio style?

Do you like a more modern feel or are you more vintage farmhouse?  Rustic cabin or California bungalow? Beach house or lake house? You want your patio and outdoor space to reflect who you are so picking the right elements and design will be key in creating a space that you want to live and entertain in.

Decide what elements reflect your personal style and plan what furniture and pops of color you will bring in before you put in your patio. Your personalized space can be fun and creative so talk with your landscaper about the things you love.  

A good landscape professional will have a lot of ideas about which style will complement your home the best and how to bring in the design features you love.  Also, consider how a style will hold up over the years and how much effort it will take to maintain your outdoor space.  Be inspired by some of these patios.

What texture do you want?

Concrete, wood, tile, crushed rock, slate – the possibilities are not quite endless but they are many. Each element has its own special qualities and texture. Depending on your style, each product give your patio a mood.

If you are looking for something more natural, wood or slate may be what you want. Concrete can be stained and stamped for unusual looks. A wood patio or a wood-look will create a more informal space. It is up to you.

Adding a mix of stone, wood, and concrete creates a dramatic look that can be mixed and matched for a variety of styles.

A covered patio or pergolas also change the feel and texture of an outdoor space. Covered patios increase the amount of time you will be outside and provide another opportunity for you to show off your style. Pergolas are opportunities to soften a space with climbing plants or architectural detail. They also can keep a home cooler by creating an outdoor shade space that reduces interior temperatures.

Covered areas have infinite possibilities for texture and space allowing light and shade and cool summer breezes to play equally important parts in how you enjoy the outdoors.

And don’t forget the lighting. Lights can be used for dramatic style highlighting your outdoor space after the sun goes down. If you have plantings around the patio, landscape lights will illuminate your trees and bushes, giving them a sculpture effect. Water features are also a great place for lights to dance.

Do you have unusual elements in your yard?

Do you have a hill, a small space, a view or other unique features that you want to be considered and incorporated into your patio design? Decide what you like or don’t like about your space and which features you would like to enhance.  

Stone retaining walls set against a hill can be designed to create sitting space and coziness.  A patio overlooking a view can be positioned to take advantage of the best sunsets. A small space can be designed to create the illusion of being bigger.

Additionally, if you have a large yard create several patios that serve different purposes.

Do you want a water feature or a fireplace incorporated into your patio?

Patio with a fire pit and view of the river

When done well both water and fire can both bring an extra element of usability and enjoyment to your space.  A fireplace will extend your patio’s usability for cooler seasons and provide a place for people to relax once the sun goes down.

Adding water to your patio area a popular design feature that many homeowners love for years.

The sound of water helps cover traffic noises, attracts birds and other wildlife and makes your yard a vibrant place you want to spend time in. Patios situated near a small water fountain create an intimate space for you to sit and read, drink coffee or enjoy friends.

Do you want built-ins to define your patio?

Concrete seating around the edges of your patio make it easy to create an outdoor room that is low-key and just needs some soft pillows to make it cozy. Add planters and trees around the perimeter to soften the look and create a shady spot to relax in the summer.

Want your outdoor space and indoor space to be seamless? Build an outdoor kitchen on your patio that allows you to entertain with the doors wide open. Use matching colors between your patio and indoor flooring to create the illusion of endless space.

Let your imagination run wild!

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