Consider why you want a water feature, and plan accordingly!

Have you been considering adding a water feature to your property? That’s wonderful! The best way the Greenhaven team can help you realize your water feature dreams is to understand your motivation behind the project. 

Perhaps you’d like to add the calming sounds of water to your space, add interest to your landscape, or distract from unwanted noises from a neighbor or a busy street. 

Knowing why you would like to install a water feature in the first place can help make recommendations and design ideas that will help you meet your goals.

Greenhaven has experts on hand to help you match the logistics and aesthetics of your water feature project with your own motivations behind wanting one in the first place. (And yes, “Because I want one’.’ is sometimes the best reason of all to get one!)

Consider the space so you can make the most of it

Where you place your water feature is critical in your ability to make the most of your new design. We want you to love your new water feature, and, after all, you are investing in this addition, so you should be able to enjoy it to its fullest potential! 

Think about what matters most to you. Want to be sure you can see it from your kitchen window? Hear it from your bedroom window? Is it a space you want to share with visitors, or is it more a solitary space?

What about wildlife? Are you interested in a pond for fish? Are there elevations surrounding your home that you need to consider? These are important questions when selecting the shape and size of the feature, and when you don’t know what you don’t know, you need a team looking out for you! 

This is where the professionals at Greenhaven bring their expertise and knowledge to the table, sharing with you their years of experience to ensure you make the most of your project. 

Consider the scope of your project

Think beyond immediate costs here. What’s your long-term vision for your water feature? Yes, there are the obvious costs of materials and installation, but have you also considered the long-term maintenance of your new water feature? 

These costs, of course, depend on the scale of your project, and water features are typically simple to maintain, but you do deserve the full picture when designing the water feature of your dreams.  

Not sure what maintenance is required to keep your water feature running effectively let alone beautiful? No need to  worry —  we’re here to help guide you through not only the design and construction portion of the project, but with hands-on advice on keeping your feature up and running for years to come. 

Birds, and fish, and frogs — oh my!

Adding a water feature to your yard will attract all sorts of local wildlife including birds, frogs, and dragonflies. Giving these friendly creatures a nice resting spot and providing drinking water- especially during our increasingly hotter summer months, will add life to your landscape and renewed appreciation for your surroundings. 

Looking to install a pond for fish? We can do that too! 

Consider the health benefits

While the birds get to enjoy the benefits of your new water feature, so do you! 

Water features can add humidity to the surrounding space, can improve the surrounding air quality, and lower your blood pressure. Can’t make it to the great outdoors to bask in the sights, sounds, and scents of nature? You’ve already got them! Head no further than your own backyard to enjoy the soothing sensory experiences your new water feature provides.

Adding value to your home

Adding a water feature may or may not add monetary value to your home, but it can add aesthetic value when done right. Hiring a professional team to help design and construct the right water feature for your space is critical in making sure you like the final result and your future self will thank you as the next homeowners won’t find it to be an eyesore. 

When you add a water feature to your landscape, you’ll not only highlight the amount of time and care you’ve given to your property, but you’ll also no doubt impress your friends, family, and the next homeowners, should you ever decide to sell!

Consider local regulations

Depending on the size and design of your water feature, will you need a permit? What will your HOA have to say? What utility lines are there to compete with? 

Leave these boring details to us — you’ve got enough on your plate already! Hiring Greenhaven will take the unknown and hesitation out of the equation, leaving room for possibility and confidence in your beautiful investment.

Still on the fence? Give us a call, we’d love to chat more about what you’re looking for and guide you through the next steps. Let’s make your backyard an oasis today and for many seasons to come!

Contact Greenhaven today to learn how we can make your outdoor dreams a reality!