Starting a new landscape project? Do this first!

There are few things that make us at Greenhaven Landscapes more excited than when we hear folks are getting into a new landscape design project. Yes, landscapes are our business, but to us on a more personal level, great landscape design can lead to a better way of living

More spaces to engage with the people and the things that you love, more ways in which you can make the outside of your home just as functional and livable as the inside of your home, and, perhaps above all, more opportunities to create unforgettable memories. 

But before you can make these dreams a reality, there are some important areas to consider. We believe that by taking these factors into consideration, you’ll not only have a clearer sense of what you’re hoping to achieve, but that you’ll be able to turn those ideas into an achievable plan of action, one that you can use in partnership with a trusted landscape design team.  

What are your landscape dreams? 

We always recommend that when you’re beginning a new landscape project, especially one as transformative as a total reinvention of your outdoor space, that you go with a “the sky’s the limit”-style approach. 

Why? Because when you’re dreaming out loud, you have the opportunity to better communicate with yourself, your loved ones, and your landscape team what it is you really want out of your yard. We can always scale down if we’re facing more practical concerns down the road, but when you have a creative partner by your side, nearly anything is possible. 

How do you want your landscape to function?

Alright, you’ve dreamed your dream, and now it’s time to consider how you want your space to function in the real world. Should your home-to-patio-to-yard transition in an almost seamless manner, or do you want these to be three distinct spaces? Is privacy so important to you that you’re willing to sacrifice certain design elements in support of your solitude? Is having outdoor cookouts central to your design vision, and are factors like a built-in grill, prep, plumbing, and seating prime factors for you? 

Thinking about these things will help you take your vision into a more practical plan of execution.  

How much time and energy do you have to devote to maintenance?

Like any space, regardless of whether or not it’s inside or outside your home, it will need a certain level of maintenance in order to remain useful and enjoyable. So, with that in mind, you need to be really honest with yourself about how much time you have to maintain your outdoor space. 

Are you a DIY-er? Willing to hire a landscape maintenance team? Willing to consider more maintenance-light options like turf? The more realistic about this you can be, the longer you’ll be able to keep this landscape love affair alive!

What are your budget considerations?

Knowing that your newly designed landscape has the power to increase the value of your home as well as increase the value of your family time, what level of investment is worthwhile to you?

At Greenhaven, our team of landscape professionals is incredibly talented in designing beautiful, functional spaces no matter how big or how small, and we’re also incredibly adept at maximizing your investment. 

Don’t forget about seasonality!

Hey, we’re in the Pacific Northwest, so the weather and seasonality of your space is a crucial consideration when it comes to your design. Luckily for us, even our harshest seasons provide the opportunity to still enjoy your outdoor space, if the right design elements are included. 

A covered porch or patio, windscreens, outdoor heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and other considerations can help you create a space that is comfortable and functional for you all year round!

Are there permitting or zoning restrictions?

Member of an HOA? Live in an area where there might be certain difficulties due to zoning? Before you break ground, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that you have all of your legal considerations taken care of. 

At Greenhaven, we’re well-versed in the zoning and permitting worlds of the greater Portland and Southwest Washington areas, and can provide you guidance on how you can more efficiently and effectively navigate the bureaucratic elements of your project. 

Do you have the right partner to make it all possible?

While we’re big supporters of all the DIY-ers out there, we also understand that there are a great many things when it comes to premier landscape design that you need the support of a professional to achieve. 

For the last twenty five years, Greenhaven has been working closely with home and property owners just like you to help them achieve their landscaping goals.

We sincerely believe that great landscape design can lead to a better way of life — more time outdoors, more time with family and friends, and more time spent on activities that make you feel fulfilled. This is all central to the heart of the Greenhaven mission. 

We’d be proud to be your partner in achieving your landscape dream!

Considered these seven crucial things? Ready to get started? Give us a call! We’re here to help you finally make your landscape dreams a reality!