Water features can truly take your landscaping design to the next level. And when discussing whether or not to add a water feature to a space, tranquility and relaxation are typically listed as the biggest benefit. While it’s certainly true that these features are soothing and can enhance the ambiance of your yard, that’s certainly not the only benefit!

Water features can be added to spaces as small as patios, strategically added to a backyard’s current landscape, or designed to be a focal point on multiple acres of land. With the right design, positioning, and materials, this type of feature can be used to enhance everything from the temperature of your yard to animal activity. Both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, water features can harmoniously bring your backyard space together. 

If you’re considering adding a pond, fountain, waterfall, or any other water feature to your space, here are some benefits to consider when choosing your design. 

#1. Reduce Heat & Noise

Water features serve a dual purpose in decreasing both noise and heat in the atmosphere of your yard. Two benefits that will make summer months in your outdoor spaces elevate from bearable to enjoyable!

When it comes to any noise pollution you may experience when trying to enjoy your backyard, the sound of the flowing water in your feature can work to mask unwanted sounds. Placement and size of the feature can be used to target those unwanted sounds and, for lack of a better word, drown them out. 

Additionally, on hot summer days, cool water flowing through your water feature can decrease the overall temperature of your yard. Just be sure to keep the structure and water both clean to create these effects. 

#2. Creates Texture & Movement

Both the moving water and the materials you choose to build your water feature will create a textural contrast to the plant life around it.  Furthermore, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains all have the effect of breaking up hard lines created by retaining walls or other structures in your yard. As long as the materials and size of the feature are chosen within the ratio of the elements around it, a water feature can bring texture that ties your whole yard together. 

#3. Makes Your Yard Look Bigger

If you’re second-guessing a water feature because of limited space, a simple waterfall or fountain can actually serve to make the space look larger. Utilizing the reflective surface of the water, combined with dark materials and creative lighting, a water feature can transform a small space into an amazing focal point. The water and hard materials stand out against the greenery, creating a depth that also makes the space appear larger. 

#4. Enhances the Ecosystem

From the moment your water feature is installed, you’ll quickly begin to see an increase in wildlife and activity in your backyard. Everything from birds to butterflies to dragonflies will stop to take a drink from the cool water. Frogs and insects will find a new hospitable place to live. This increase in wildlife will not only provide hours of entertainment but also a source of education and wonder for your family. 

#5. Personalizes Your Yard to Your Style

Water features are one of the most customizable elements you can add to your yard. Type, size, materials, design, motif, can all be created to fit your personal aesthetic and style. Every single element can be carefully chosen to enhance your space and bring your personality into the landscape. When you create a water feature for your backyard, you’re creating a work of art that truly makes your yard and home unique. 

There are so many ways in which a water feature can enhance the landscaping of your yard and even more ways in which to create the perfect design. At Greenhaven Landscapes, we pride ourselves on creating works of art to fit the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve with your space. We look forward to partnering with each individual client to discover how we can help make the backyard space of their dreams a reality. 

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