We know what you’re thinking. “Artificial turf? NOT. A. CHANCE.” If we were talking about the artificial turf options that were available just a few decades ago, then we would handily agree with you. 

Since then, synthetic lawn options have become far more realistic in appearance, and aren’t as expensive of an investment as you might think. 

We’ve worked with clients who have desired a more low-maintenance option for their yard, and wanted a specific look without the hassle that ongoing maintenance requires. The Greenhaven team was able to create design options that turned their dream into a lush, green, and seemingly effortless reality! 

Similarly, we’ve helped folks who just can’t get enough time on the links to bring the back nine to their backyards and develop a custom golf oasis that has made them the envy of their friends and neighbors. 

Modern synthetic turf is world’s from what it used to be, and it might just be the exact thing you’re looking for!

Four important reasons why you should consider artificial turf

Save water

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, artificial turf saves the United States approximately three to six billion gallons of water per year. 

What does that look like from a homeowner’s perspective? Well, with Environmental Protection Agency studies estimating that over a third of all residential water consumed in the United States going toward irrigation use at over four billion gallons of water per day, replacing a residential lawn with synthetic turf could save a homeowner 55 gallons of water per year per square foot of grass. This could equal significant savings on your water bill, as well as a potential decrease in their carbon footprint.

Green all year long

Lawn maintenance requires a lot of resources. Think about the gas required to power mowers, trimmers, edgers, and the like. Think about the potential impact fertilizers, weed and moss killers, and other pesticides that are regularly used in order to keep a lawn at its aesthetic ideal. 

Synthetic turf alleviates the need to invest in pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers that can have a negative impact on the environment. Water, while still needed in synthetic turf maintenance, is a much less needed resource, as well. 

This method of drought-tolerant landscaping is an option many folks even in the rain-rich Pacific Northwest are choosing in order to achieve the look of their ideal lawn without having to worry about overusing precious resources required to maintain it in the exceedingly hot and dry conditions of our late summer months. 

 Pet friendly 

Pets, even when it comes to taking care of their business, can be incredibly choosy about the places where they do the deed. And while that can make clean up for pet owners a little simpler, these biologically necessary acts can wreak havoc on a green landscape. Sure, there are products on the market that are designed to prevent grass from yellowing or even dying altogether, but are they really as effective as you’d like them to be?

Clients we have worked with have loved their synthetic turf options because their pets love them, too. We work with top of the line products that are non-toxic, child- and pet-friendly, and are able to replicate not only the look but the feel of grass so closely that they will never know the difference. 

Not interested in an entire yard of artificial turf but want a solution for your pets that prevents yellowing and dead grass? Consider installing a dog run using synthetic materials that will help you maintain the look you want without the worry about pet-related damage. We have done it successfully for other clients and we can do it for you, too! 

Cost effective

Some homeowners are surprised by the cost of synthetic grass solutions, and while we understand that initial reaction, we’re always happy to help our clients better understand the long-term implications and benefits of choices like this. The aforementioned fertilizers, pesticides, seed, water, equipment, investments in lawn services, and other necessities all cost money that is spread out over time. A portion of those same investments is akin to what you’re looking at when you choose a synthetic lawn care solution for your yard. But you get the exact look that you want right now and it maintains that ideal look for years to come. 

Folks that might be concerned about how details like drainage might work with a synthetic lawn, well, you’ll be glad to know that thinking these things through logically and effectively are a standard part of our process. Our goal is to help you realize the lawn of your dreams so that you can maintain that dream for as long as possible with the right combination of materials, installation, and appropriate ongoing maintenance and care. 

So, what do you think? Tired of lugging out your lawn care gear year after year? Sick of paying someone else to take care of your yard? Want something so specific that you haven’t even acted on it because you’re afraid of the maintenance? Then it might be time to consider synthetic turf. The Greenhaven team has the experience, vision, and professional expertise to bring your dream lawn to life!

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