You deserve the relaxation that a waterfall provides

There are no two ways about it: waterfalls have a calming effect on a lot of people. There’s an idea, called the Blue Mind theory, that proposes the idea that people are naturally attracted to water, and that being in the presence of a body of water or a waterfall sends us into a mildly meditative state, helping us relax, let go of stress, and feel better overall. 

You don’t need to be someone who is in the practice of meditation or even slightly related activities to have experienced the soothing effects of water. It happens to a lot of us. And it happens in relation to different bodies of water, whether it be the vastness of the ocean, the waves lapping along the lakeshore, or the river rushing between the banks. 

There’s just something about its repetition and its freshness that fills the air that is so revitalizing to the mind, body, and spirit. Now imagine being able to walk out your door and experience it whenever you wanted to? Think about how much value it could add to your life, your well-being, and to your family’s enjoyment of your yard. 

You might be thinking, “A waterfall? In my yard? How would that ever work?” but you’d be surprised how versatile waterfalls can be. Our design and installation team is trained to find the possibilities in most every type of space there is in order to bring your vision to life. We’ll visit your home, assess your space, take measurements, discuss your ideas, and get to work on creating a design proposal that aligns with your concept. 

We love these projects, because our clients love how they enhance the outdoor experience at their homes. If you’ve been considering a waterfall, or want to learn more about their benefits, here are three important things to think about.

You’re creating a space for wildlife 

If you’re someone who is considering a waterfall in your yard, odds are you might be a nature lover. So if you love to look out at your yard and see equal parts flora and fauna, then a waterfall is a good way to invite more wildlife into your yard. 

Insects, frogs, all different types of birds, dragonflies, wild rabbits, and more will be attracted to the fresh water in your yard. Depending on the style of waterfall you choose, you can even add fish to your pond, which will help keep down the population of nuisance pests. 

If attracting wildlife to your yard is not your goal, but you’d still like to see a waterfall in your yard, there are strategies we can advise you on to keep your yard bubbling without it becoming overburdened with wild animals. There’s always a way to achieve the vision you desire for your yard!

You’re combatting — and beating — noise pollution

It seems that no matter where you go, you face some form of noise pollution, whether it be road noise created by cars and trucks, planes flying overhead, loud neighbors, construction, etc. — we people are a pretty noisy bunch, yet we still like calm and quiet. 

Of course, we can control how much noise we make, but there are a lot of noisy things that are out of our control. When we’re in our yard and we want to relax, either alone or with loved ones, these exterior noises can create quite a distraction. Sometimes they can even prevent us from having a good time. 

The beauty of a waterfall is that it creates a great deal of white noise due to the constant sound of splashing water that it generates. It gives you and your loved ones a constant source of soothing sounds that can cancel out the sounds that might stress or annoy you, in fact, your neighbors will probably even grow to love the sound of your waterfall due to the calming sounds it creates!

You’re creating value for yourself, your family, and your guests  

Will your new waterfall increase the value of your home? Maybe. It certainly won’t decrease it. But the value it will create is the way in which you enjoy your yard, and the ways in which you can create new memories with loved ones. 

This is an area where you can center yourself, get back to a calm, clear place, and prepare yourself to tackle any of the day’s challenges. You’ll be able to see, hear, and feel the beautiful and restorative power of nature. It’s hard to put a price tag on that.

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