Water features are the hottest landscaping trend

In the same way that home design trends are always changing and evolving, landscape trends are changing, too! One of the most up-and-coming elements of landscape design that is becoming more and more popular in the PNW especially is the water feature.

Water features are as versatile and unique as they are beautiful and aesthetic, and they are becoming one of the most requested landscape features. 

Different types of water features

Water features are such popular choices for landscape design because they are incredibly versatile and can be designed to fit almost any space and aesthetic. While an experienced designer can turn any idea into a functional water feature, there are a few general types of water features that most designs fit into.

Bubblers: Bubblers are a great choice for smaller yards because they don’t require as much space for water to flow. Most bubblers are made of large rock columns with water flowing out of the top or sides to create beauty in both look and sound.

Waterfalls: Waterfalls always make a statement in a landscape design, because they are unique and create a focal point for your yard. What’s wonderful about waterfalls is that they are the most flexible to match design aesthetics – from modern to rustic to contemporary.

Ponds: Ponds can be a great complement to your design and can even be coupled with a waterfall for extra “punch” in your space. With or without koi fish, ponds provide a lot of benefits and can be as small or large as your space allows.

Why invest in a water feature for your landscape

Water features, especially one that is custom-designed to fit your wants and needs, can be an investment, but we think it’s a worthy one for a few different reasons.

They create a unique aesthetic & atmosphere

If anyone you know has a water feature in their yard, it was probably the first thing you noticed, and there’s a reason for that! Water features are a very unique element of any landscape, and they are highly customizable. 

By adding a water feature to your space, you’re creating an atmosphere to fit any occasion or need – from strictly relaxing to the ultimate entertainer’s paradise. 

They help with noise pollution

A benefit of water features that isn’t talked about much is they are great at drowning out unwanted sounds and creating a space that sounds as beautiful as it looks. 

In today’s world, there is noise everywhere – from planes flying overhead to cars driving by to next-door neighbors. By adding a water feature, some of that sound will be covered up with the soothing sounds of running or bubbling water, which is much more pleasant in our opinion! 

Supports Wildlife 

Vancouver and the Portland Metro Area have grown significantly over the last decade, which is wonderful for humans but not so wonderful for wildlife habitats that have been shrunk and pushed to the outskirts of our city. 

While every wild animal and bird in Southwest Washington can’t live in your backyard pond – that would be quite a large pond! – by adding a water feature to your yard, you’re providing a small safe space for birds and other small creatures, like butterflies. 

Guide to designing and building your water feature

If you’re ready to get started designing and building a water feature for your landscape, there are a few key steps you should take.

Coming up with your wishlist: Before contacting a landscape designer, you need to know what you want your designer to build for you. Put together your list of what you’d like to see in your water feature, including the size, type, design style, and location in your yard. 

Finding the right design and installation partner: Once you have your list, it’s time to contact a reputable landscape designer to get started on the plan. The right partner will have the experience and knowledge to not only put together a beautiful design that meets your needs but execute the design within your determined budget and timeline.

Execution and enjoyment: Once you have a design in hand it is time to find a landscape contractor. Your landscape contractor should be knowledgeable in how to install your feature and make sure everything comes out looking exactly the way it was designed, so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Remember, if you’re planning a full backyard transformation (water feature included!), there are a few additional steps and things to think about, too, which we talked about recently on our blog

Landscape Design and Construction in Vancouver, WA

If a water feature is on the wishlist for your next backyard landscape design project, contact our team at Greenhaven and tap into our decades of experience bringing backyard design dreams to life! Our landscape designers and construction team work together so your yard transformation is seamless.