Even landscaping has its trends. Styles come and go in fashion (hello, big 80s hair) and interior design (avocado carpet, anyone?) and landscapes are no different. Every region has its own trends depending on weather, soil, and plants that thrive in the area but there are some common threads that are finding its way into a lot of landscape designs.


Easy to Take Care of Yards

This really isn’t a trend that has gone away. In the Pacific Northwest, we get some sunny spring and summer months to enjoy our yards and then, once fall disappears, we sit inside and look at our yards until the spring arrives again.


Most homeowners want to enjoy their yards and not work in them when the sun arrives. Landscape designs that take advantage of easy-to-care-for plants such as barberry and liriope can reduce time investment in your yard. When a landscape is well designed it only gets better with maturity. Adding irrigation and enduring hardscapes are both ways to make your yard low maintenance.


Landscape Maintenance


Of course, even the easiest to care for yards need a regular TLC or they get overgrown and unmanageable. Weeds don’t pull themselves. Landscape maintenance is a growing trend among busy professionals who want to spend time with friends and family in their yard, not trimming the hedges.


Additionally, having a landscape maintenance company keeping an eye on potential problems, such as irrigation lines leaking and plants dying, keeps frustration down. Knowing you have experts you can call with questions saves time trying to track down someone who can help.


Experiential Landscape Design


Outdoor living is all about experiencing your indoor living – outdoors. It may seem obvious but outdoor living encompasses more than just grass and plants. Kitchens, built-in BBQs, fire pits, waterfalls, fireplaces, putting greens, swimming pools, patios and arbors all are a big part of relaxing and living outside.


Creating spaces that are liveable and enjoyable are all about design. Even a small yard can be given depth and visual interest with well-designed walls, patios, and arbors that are planted with complimentary plants and trees.  

Beyond the Landscape Trends

To get a landscape you love no matter what the trends are, identify what is important to you and communicate that to your designer. Love golf? Plan a putting green in your design. Love to cook? An outdoor kitchen and garden space for your basil and tomatoes might be just the thing. Love Japanese aesthetics? Design your yard with Japanese elements such as Koi ponds and rock groupings. Incorporate favorite yard art for a splash of bling. And don’t forget to add lighting for outdoor drama and safety. There are lots of ways for your yard to reflect you and your tastes. Greenhaven can help you create a yard with your lifestyle and needs in mind.