Make your yard the highlight of your home!

Visual and environmental upgrades to the surrounding areas of your home can add value to your property as well as make it much more enjoyable to spend time in. There are so many amazing upgrades to consider when investing in your property. Here are a few ideas that can add value to home in the long run and also get the most bang for your buck this season.

Water features

Adding a water feature to your yard not only adds immediate tranquility to your surroundings, it can also send the message to future buyers that your home is cared for, maintained, and unique to the neighborhood. There are many ways to incorporate this type of investment into your current landscape- no need for a complete overhaul. Perhaps a quaint waterfall by your entry, an addition to your pool, a small pond with fish? 

Your options are endless and our designs will come custom to your wants and needs for your space. 


Outdoor lighting can be welcoming to your guests and also a deterrent to those that are not. While being a beautiful way to highlight your flora and fauna, outdoor lighting can discourage any unwanted visitors roaming the neighborhood. Flood and motion lights have come a long way in terms of design, helping to create a beautiful ambiance in your yard and at the same time, boost its curb appeal. 

Lights lining the pathway to your front door are always charming and allow for safer walking. Up lighting to highlight a beautiful tree or facade of your home can bring an elegance that no other upgrade can. Even just a simple strand of bistro lights across your patio dining area. There are so many options when it comes to lighting up your space!


Before you light up your pathway for all to see, do you think it could use an upgrade as well? 

Over time, the original design can start to feel dated or become dangerous due to a tree root for example. Pathways are a great starting point in giving your landscape an overall upgrade. 

Basic concrete can be swapped out for stylish cobblestone, grass can be replaced with large stepping stones, and of course choosing the right color stone and material given the need is crucial. 

However, in working through the details, this basic upgrade can bring more curb appeal than expected, laying the literal groundwork for other landscaping projects you’ve been dreaming up.

Add an Arbor

Arbors add that next level of hospitality to the entryway of your home. They can be a charming addition to your current fence (but, of course, can also be free standing), create a space for plants to stretch skyward and even create shade. 

The concept of an arbored entryway might elicit thoughts of a country cottage, and while most of us don’t live in cottages, we can help match the style, material and scale of the structure to suit your home to ensure this addition enhances its surroundings. Adding a vertical design element to your yard will help to diversify your landscape and give it a bit of personality.

Whether it’s a water feature, lighting or pathways, upgrading your yard is always a great way to give the exterior of your home the refresh it deserves. These projects can bring immediate and personal value to your home- it’s your space, you should love it! Over time, keeping these additions modernized and maintained can add value to your property as a whole. There is no better feeling as a homeowner to put so much time, effort and money into your property and see it pay off when it counts. 

Let the team at Greenhaven help you bring your yard into the new year with the upgrades you’ve been dreaming of. With your ideas and our expertise will get your yard spruced up for Spring in no time!

Contact the Greenhaven team today to schedule your New Year’s consultation!