We have all heard that time outside is good medicine. Science is behind it. The “outdoor effect” is a real thing. Studies show that being outside, especially in green spaces, can increase well being and happiness while lowering stress. 

Similarly, landscaping for healthier outdoor living in Camas, WA does not have to be a stressful experience. Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, we at Greenhaven Landscapes believe that your landscape can foster good mental and physical health. Building green spaces for your home and property for mental and emotional benefits are not just for summer but for all year long. 

Sometimes that means rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty to get the job done, and in other instances, that can mean working with a trusted team of landscape artists in order to make your outdoor living space dreams come true! 

Design Your Landscape for Health 

As we migrate indoors as the weather gets colder and the rain descends upon us, the more we can lose touch with the physical and emotional benefits of being outdoors, near the plants, trees, water, and grass that can provide us so much joy. 

Beautiful spaces, both inside and out, are good for our mind, body, and soul, and the fastest and most cost-effective way to create an outdoor living area that connects you to nature is to add plants. Sounds too simple, right? But it’s true! Plants can change your view — literally — giving you plenty of green for your space, ultimately lowering your stress, and giving your mind a mental break because you have a whole new set of scenery to reflect upon. 

Interested in adding plants to your patio, landscape, or even your home? We can provide recommendations that suit your home’s aesthetic, your budget, and lifestyle — we’re always happy to help, and we can create a wide variety of options using an equally wide variety of materials and designs. 

In order to work with you to create the outdoor living space that brings you the peace of mind you’re looking for, we first need to understand how you want to use that space? Cozy family evenings? Entertaining family and friends? Romantic nights for two? Or perhaps something solitary and contemplative? We’ve made so many different spaces for so many different personalities and goals that we’re always excited to work on these types of projects, because we know how much they’ll benefit our clients’ lives. 

The Benefits of Waterfalls and Patios 

Backyard gatherings and romantic nights spent under the stars become even more meaningful when you have a well-designed space. Knowing that your personal getaway space is just steps away from your home can anxiety-reducing all by itself! Who wouldn’t love to have an oasis in their own backyard? The thing is, achieving it isn’t that far-fetched. Your dream space can be a reality with the right partner. 

Other ideas to consider are patios and waterfalls. They add visual dimension to your backyard, but they have other benefits, too. A patio is like adding a whole other room to your house, and given the right setup can be enjoyed all-year long, regardless of the weather. A rainy early-Autumn evening on a patio with your loved ones and some warm drinks is truly an experience to behold. 

Similarly, waterfalls can be an incredibly calming feature to add to your landscape design. The babbling, repetitious sounds of waterfalls are not only great for adding some zen-like musicality to your yard, but they hold incredible visual appeal, as well. 

Looking to add something soothing, beautiful, and interesting to your landscape’s design? We’d love to be your partner.

Greenhaven Landscapes has earned its reputation as the premier landscape firm in our community because we simply love to roll up our sleeves and make our client’s outdoor living space dreams come true. What do you imagine your yard could be? We’d love to make that dream come true!