Learn how Greenhaven Landscapes is helping homeowners travel to some of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful and desirable places this summer (their own backyards!)

For many, summers are spent traveling near and far, maybe a long weekend here or a week or so there, where your hard earned vacation time is devoted to making new memories with your loved ones. While these activities are largely wonderful, they can also be time consuming, costly, and exhausting — and we love to travel. 

Even though getting the opportunity to visit new (or even familiar) places is a welcome one, sometimes the most satisfying way to spend your downtime is at home, staycation style. What makes those staycations a better than average experience is largely reliant on how and where you’re spending your time. It doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be downright luxurious. 

At Greenhaven Landscapes, we help homeowners transform spaces great and small into absolute dreamscapes, bringing the best of life into their own backyards. Once we’ve had the opportunity to work together, you might never want to leave your home, but you’ll always feel like you’ve arrived at exactly where you want to be. 

A taste of luxury-style staycation

Is there any better way to spend a summer evening than with friends and family enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks? Day can turn to night and you still feel content, because your hearts are filled with conversations and camaraderie, and your bellies are filled with the love that only home-cooked food can provide. Just imagine never having to go inside to make it.

That’s exactly the sort of experience that we can help you create. No matter if you want a simple built in grill, or a more elabore kitchen affair, with an outdoor oven, range, sink, refrigeration unit, and counter space, bringing all of your indoor essentials together outside, where you can always be a part of the action (if not the action) while creating unforgettable memories and recipes. But it doesn’t have to end there. How about a wood-fired pizza oven? The possibilities are endless. 

An aquatic adventure staycation

To us, there’s really nothing more relaxing than a trip that brings us closer to the water. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re blessed with an abundance of it — rivers, creeks, lakes, and the ocean. It seems like we have it all, though we don’t often have it in our own yard. But what if we did? 

For decades, Greenhaven Landscapes has been helping homeowners incorporate water features into their yards so that they can enjoy the calming, transformative influence of one of nature’s most powerful elements. 

If space is a concern, we can help incorporate smaller fountains or bubblers into your yard. If you’re working with a larger footprint, then we highly recommend integrating koi ponds, reflective pools, and even waterfalls into your landscape. 

These features can truly reshape a beautiful yard into an unforgettable environment. Water has the power to calm us and center us, no matter what time of day it is.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and enjoying those first moments of the day beside your very own koi pond, with fish gracefully making their way through the water as you collect your thoughts and prioritize the day. Or consider ending a long day under gentle patio lights, with the gentle wash of the waterfall filling your ears and its delicate splashes gently hitting your skin as you relax and ready yourself for bed. What a wonderful experience. 

Hit the links as often as you’d like staycation

You probably know a passionate golfer who’d spend their entire summer on the links if they could. Heck, you might be one of them, yourself. Getting to the course takes time, time you might not always have. But what if all the time it took was as long as it takes to walk outside?

We’ve built putting greens of all shapes and sizes for our clients over the years, and we can tell you first-hand that they and their golf-loving friends absolutely adore having their yards transformed into their very own private golf club. 

Today’s turf looks incredible, it’s easy to maintain, it stays green all year round, and you’ll probably even save money on your water bill because you’ll need fewer resources to keep your grass green. 

What’s more, you don’t need to limit your investment in turf to just a putting green. We’ve helped several clients replace their entire lawn with synthetic turf, and they love the results. It saves them a ton of time in maintenance, and considering how much lawn care adds up, is a pretty cost effective alternative to a traditional lawn. Just imagine enjoying your yard all summer instead of having to take care of it!

The whatever you can imagine staycation

This idea is for you. Greenhaven Landscapes has been in the business of turning people’s yards into dreamscapes for 25 years now, and we want everyone that we work with to love their yards just as much as they love every other part of their homes. 

To us, these aren’t separate spaces. The outside of your home is just as desirable and enriching as your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else you like to spend your time. 

So if you’re looking for a way to experience a next-level style staycation, we’d encourage you to ask yourself where you’d love to go, and we’ll do everything we can to take you there. 

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