Looking to enjoy your best stay-at-home stay-cation? We’ve got some tips that can elevate your experience from “eh…” to “elegant!”

Like most of America, many Pacific Northwesterners are abiding by stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic and create a new normal. In an incredibly short period of time, the normal hustle and bustle of our daily routines have transformed into remote work and school, an athleisure-only dress code, a mysterious Hunger Games-style battle for toilet paper, and a massive spike in folks baking their own sourdough bread. 

The news can be stressful, and the days can be monotonous (you just asked yourself what day it is, I bet!), so what are some ways in which we can create a stay-at-home-style getaway that’s just as relaxing and luxurious as the real thing? We’ve got some great suggestions for you and your loved ones so you can have a wonderful staycation experience now or any future time!

Three ways to create a luxurious stay-at-home stay-cation experience in your own backyard

It’s all about the atmosphere

Creating an unforgettable and luxurious space in your backyard is simpler than you think. It just takes the right consideration and planning. What do you want to achieve through your yard? Is it relaxation? Activity? Do you want private and group spaces? What about refreshments? Do you want to prepare and enjoy meals together? 

When we work with our clients our responsibility is to help you achieve your goals. Curating the right space — or the right spaces — can change a perfectly pedestrian yard into your home’s most coveted space.

Give special consideration to features the entire family can happily gather around together like firepits, water features, or fitness and meditation spaces. Fuse your personal style into every detail. The layout of the spaces, the colors, and textures of the furnishings and plants and flowers. What kind of lighting will function for activity and create the right sense of ambiance when you’re having a romantic evening for two? Make it yours, and you’ll make it great!

Eat and drink and be merry together in your own backyard.

Have you ever envisioned having a backyard complete with outdoor cooking features, like a built-in gas or charcoal grill, smoker, or wood-fired oven? Think about when you’re inside the house and entertaining — where does everyone tend to gather together? The kitchen! And having your own outdoor cooking features can create that same experience and contributes to a great entertaining experience. As a family, this also creates room to create new shared experiences. Discover new recipes together, or carry on family traditions with recipes shared over generations, whether it’s your family’s secret blend of spices for your favorite barbecue, or you’re recreating your grandparents’ best bread recipe using the wood-fired oven. The possibilities are endless.

And don’t forget you’re not just making food, but you get to eat it, too! Create the dining room environment you’ve dreamed of in your backyard, with the seating and lighting and environment that fosters family-style meals, great conversation, and maybe even a spirited game or two. Choose the seating and table and accents that create the feel that suits your family. 

Remember to save room for dessert! And maybe a nightcap. An outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to a late-night outdoor experience, and will make you and your family feel like you’re a luxury resort that just happens to be your very own home! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Make it an outdoor movie night!

For families and cinephiles who are missing the movie theater experience, why not recreate the best aspects of that experience at home? There are a wide variety of smartphone/Bluetooth-compatible projectors on the market that allow you to create an outdoor movie-going experience in your own home or backyard! 

We suggest an outdoor experience akin to a drive-in. All you need is a smartphone, your Bluetooth projector, content to stream, a projection screen or solid-colored sheet, your favorite snacks, and whatever seating is coziest to you. Create a double-feature where one movie is for the kids and one is for the grownups, or have a theme night. Whatever you choose to do, this is a perfect opportunity to feel whisked away to a new world from the comfort of your own home. 

Isn’t it time to turn your yard into an oasis? 

There’s never been a better time to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. Greenhaven Landscapes has been helping your friends and neighbors achieve their dream yards for over twenty years. Call us today to learn how we can help you achieve yours!