The outdoors should be just as important as the indoors

Picture this: you’ve finally purchased your forever home (in this insane market, nonetheless!) and have tirelessly designed and decorated every space to make your house as cohesive and beautiful as possible. But, you step outside, and your landscape feels like a totally different place – yikes! Something must be done…

Unfortunately, this is a very common picture in the landscape design business and something that landscape designers and architects are constantly tasked to fix. Luckily, no matter your style and family’s personal needs, it’s not as difficult as you might think to bring your interior design style to life in the great outdoors while still maintaining functionality.

Whether you’re a farmhouse fan or more of an industrial individual, read on for just a few of the ways you can bring some common and trendy home design styles to your landscape.

Farmhouse style

The farmhouse style is rooted heavily in natural elements and is well-known for bringing both functionality and comfort to any home. So, pulling in lots of wood, stone, and greenery to your landscape will tie together the farmhouse style from the inside out. 

A farmhouse backyard might have a grand stone fireplace or a large firepit as the focal point of the patio, a farm table made of natural wood and fit to seat all your closest friends and family, or stone pavers creating paths throughout the space. The more natural and clean, the better with the farmhouse style!

Modern style

Modern design is defined by its use of muted colors, clean lines, and minimalism. Therefore, a modern backyard design will probably keep it light and simple on the furniture to allow lots of space to move around and not make the space feel too cluttered or busy.

Square or rectangular pavers along with crisp green grass (or even a clover lawn) are also common elements of a modern backyard, and any complimenting decor will stick around the grey, black, or navy blue color schemes.

Midcentury modern style

Similar to modern style, midcentury style uses the same clean lines, minimalism, and natural light at its core. But what makes midcentury different is its use of more bright and vibrant colors to complement the simple foundation.

Bringing a midcentury modern style to your backyard will probably take the form of bright-colored furniture (think bright red Adirondack chairs), uniquely shaped patios and firepits, and maybe even a funky water feature doubling as an art piece. 

Industrial style

Industrial style is very commonly mixed with other styles (for example, farmhouse industrial or modern industrial), but it is still a popular style on its own, as well. 

To bring the industrial style outside, think of dark colors, like matte black fixtures and decor, and materials like cement, copper, or other metals (industrial style can make a simple cement patio beautiful!). Some Edison-style string lights will complement the natural elements well in this style, and outdoor-safe metal chairs are a great furniture choice to really make the industrial style pop.

Traditional / Classic style

The best way to describe a classic or traditional style is to imagine a historic, brick home and make the design as grand and luxurious as possible. While this style of home is usually more common in older parts of the US, it’s not unusual to see a traditional home here in Clark County, too! 

In the outdoors, a sturdy pergola or a large, brick fireplace with lots of classic character are great anchors of this style, and a good mix of textures, dark wood, and stone will tie the entire design together. 

If you’re ready to get your landscape updated to match your interior design style, or maybe you still need some help figuring out what exactly your style is, the friendly team at Greenhaven Landscapes is here to help! 

Our experienced landscape designers are highly skilled at taking any vision or idea and turning it into reality, so contact us to get started today!