Who doesn’t love the appeal of a beautiful green lawn spreading out before you, lovely trees swaying in the breeze? Those spaces call you to have a picnic, relax and lounge. Oh, you don’t have a beautiful green lawn with swaying trees that call to you? Your yard is a bit more natural state, with weeds, patchy lawn and twigs that were once trees? Have you considered professional yard maintenance?


Your Yard. Your Investment.

The importance of professional yard maintenance is more than just mowing and pulling weeds. Yards are an investment. Trees, shrubs, grass, and plants all need dedicated care to stay healthy and looking beautiful. And those patios, retaining walls, walkways, and driveways? They need someone to care too. Hardscapes and structures can deteriorate creating poor visual appeal and potential safety issues. Ongoing maintenance takes all these areas into account and helps your yard to look its best, keeping your investment healthy and growing.


Five Way to Protect Your Investment

Here are five ways professional yard maintenance protects your investment:

  1. Regular and proper mowing and fertilizing help keep your lawn healthy and green. Healthy lawns reduce pests, keeping plant destroying insects from spreading.
  2. Pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs keep them looking nice and producing new growth. Experts know which branches to cut and which to keep so that your trees don’t end up looking like pencils. They also know how to deal with diseases, evaluating trees before it is too late.
  3. Regular yard maintenance keeps invasive species from invading your yard, which can destroy natural habitat that you are trying to preserve.
  4. Regular weed control keeps your landscape plants healthy. Weeds steal soil nutrients, water and sunlight that keep yard plants growing properly.
  5. Regular yard maintenance keeps plants well trimmed back from lights, walkways, and other places they can become hazards if allowed to grow free.


Create More Time

Maintaining a yard can become a big job quickly. Professional yard maintenance companies have the knowledge, equipment, and labor necessary to keep your yard and all its various plants, grass, and trees looking fabulous. That is a lot of stress eliminated from you and more time you can spend enjoying your yard with family and friends.

Greenhaven has professional yard maintenance that can free up your time so you can enjoy your yard. Call today for an estimate.