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Water Features Maintenance

Looking for help with your water features maintenance? Not only does Greenhaven Landscape help with installation of new water features, but we also can help you maintain what you already have.

We handle all types of Water Features Maintenance

Whether you have a bubbler, a fountain, or a pond or waterfall, we can help keep it in perfect condition. Our expert staff has water feature maintenance in vancouver waover 30 years experience not only designing and installing the right water features for any yard, but also handling any problems that can arise, and taking care of any routine maintenance you might need. And because of our extensive knowledge, we can avoid as well as eliminate issues before they even happen.We can even help with existing water features. So why wait to incorporate the tranquil sounds and relaxation that comes with having a beautiful water feature in your yard?

Contact us today and we can discuss your needs and create a plan you can afford, to keep your waterscape looking like new.