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Water Features & Waterscapes

Add a Unique Touch of Beauty and Tranquility

The sound of water is peaceful. Needed rest in today’s busy world. Incorporated naturally into your landscape, Waterscapes add unique beauty. Cascading waterfalls, spray fountains, bubbling streams and tranquil ponds are key features in living landscape. Skillfully and artfully installed, your water feature can calm and sooth for many years.

Greenhaven Makes Water Work and Play.

With aquaponics and swimming pools, your water features can support your life every season of the year.

  •  If you love the sound of water, the relaxation, the comfort and enjoyment it brings, along with the feeling that you are “getting away” from everything, why not have that at your disposal every day? The experts at Greenhaven Landscape completely understand this and love tailoring a Waterscape project to your needs. Contact us today and let’s make the simple transition of your yard into an every day escape that provides the soothing peace we all love.


Ponds – Reflection and glitter for the sake of still water.  Our ponds become a natural part of your landscape.


Waterfalls – can be transitions between bodies of water, features of a longer stream or the central aspect of your waterscape. Their sound and visual impact will draw you outdoors to pause and relax.


Bubblers – Sound of water and solidity of rock in a self contained water feature.


Koi and Trout Ponds – Creating a balance of peace within your pond that is safe for the long life of your fish friends.


Swimming Pools – The ultimate addition to your yard.  We can design and install a pool that will offer the right combination of fun, exercise and beauty for your family.


Aquaponics – Combining fish and gardening to provide truly green produce for your table.


Functionality – Pumps, filtration and lighting make your waterscapes clean, worry free and beautifully accented.