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Lighting Gallery: Landscaping Night Life

It’s dark out. The crickets are chirping, the sun is long gone and the day has turned to night. But you don’t want to go inside. Or you’re still busy outside and need to finish some things before you go in.

Practical Lighting that’s Useful and Attractive

Let our experts handle all of the design and implementation for lighting up your yard, and your life! With over 30 years experience in the landscaping business, we know the styles, techniques and placement of lights needed to enhance your yard, even at night. Whether it’s for working late, or evening leisure time, we have a plan that works for you.

Take a look at a few examples:

Just because the sun went down, doesn’t mean your yard can’t still be observed and appreciated for it’s beauty. Let the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Greenhaven Landscape install an easy to use system so that your yard will be enjoyable no matter what time of day it is. Call us today!