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Hellebores flowering in winter create winter color

Winter can seem long and dreary with no color or flowering plants.  However, winter beauty isn’t hard to create. Here are some ways that you can place fun pops of color into your winter yard.

Creating Winter Beauty in 4 Ways

Hellebores are an excellent hardy shade perennial that is renowned for their tolerance of drought and neglect.  They are also known for their ability to repel deer and other garden-eating wildlife, which can be a bonus for those struggling against those cute destroyers of landscapes and gardens. Hellebores can be found at more high-end nurseries and begin blooming in January, a reminder of the coming delights of spring.


red dogwood bush

The beautiful red of a dogwood bush

Colored-twig dogwoods are also a fantastic choice for your winter landscape. These brilliantly barked trees come with red, yellow or orange stems that create a dramatic pop of color in your yard. These fast-growing shrubs maintain their beauty long after the leaves have fallen and the cut stems are a long lasting addition to a holiday wreath or decor. Proper pruning is the key to keeping these garden delights in top shape for winter.


Techy Gold arbovitae

The golden yellow of the Techy Gold arborvitae

Conifers are also another plant to consider when thinking of your winter yard. A new variety of arborvitae called ‘Techny Gold’ put a dash of lime-green coloring into a winter landscape.  Pair these with Pinus mugo ‘Zundert,’ a dwarf Japanese black pine, or Japanese plume cedars,  and you will have attractive eye-catchers that will enhance your winter landscapes.


Ornamental potted cabbage

The purple of ornamental cabbage

Ornamental grasses, such as variegated sweet flag or silver spear are excellent year-round landscape plants.  And flowering ornamental cabbage, winter growing annuals, like pansies and violas, and edibles, such as Swiss chard, are all great container plants.  Container plants add interest and texture to your yard and are easily replaced.

Other Ways to Bring in Winter Beauty


Visiting birds bring winter color

Colorful birds among the trees

Birds are an often unremembered part of the winter landscape. Once the leaves fall, bird antics among the bare branches can be a peaceful way to pass a cold winter afternoon. Attracting birds in the winter can bring a small little piece of delight into your landscape. Bird baths, bird feeders, and other attractive features can be a bright spot for you and your little garden guests.

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