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Snow on the trees

Snow weight on the trees can break and damage branches

The last storm in the Portland metro area left a lot of damaged trees and landscape. As we continue to clean up here are some tips on how to get your landscape back into shape and ready for spring.

Tips for Evaluating Your Yard

  1. Assess trees. Heavy snow has done damage to many trees in the area. Even if branches have snapped off, there may be stressed branches that are ready to go, which can cause potential breakage in the future. Look for cracks in tree limbs and other damage and if necessary contact an arborist. Don’t know one? Contact us, and we have recommendations.
  2. Trim torn branches. Those ragged, broken limbs on your tree are an invitation to disease and insects. Protect the tree by trimming torn branches with clean, straight cuts.
  3. Assess trees and shrubs. Shrubs and bushes might have been damaged. Some of these will bounce back in the spring, but if the damage is severe contact your landscape maintenance professionals to do an inspection. Don’t have landscape maintenance professionals? Call us for a quote.
  4. Keep off your lawns until they dry. Many lawns are over saturated with water which will turn to mud if walked on excessively. To keep your lawn better able to bounce back, don’t do more damage by spending more time than you need to on it.
  5. Mud slides and bark runoff are fixable. But these may be a sign of a larger problem. Have your landscape professional evaluate whether the runoff and mud slides can be fixed with landscape fabric, mulching or some ground cover that will hold soil in place. Extensive erosion may need some hardscaping, drainage or other next level landscape intervention to prevent future issues.

Need landscape maintenance? Call us for a quote and yard assessment.