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Drainage Solutions For Your Yard

We all know that water has a tendency to go where it wants. But oftentimes, that is exactly where we DON’T want it to go! And every yard is different, whether you’re in a low standing area, or on a hillside, every situation requires different tactics to solve the problem correctly and efficiently.

What to do about Drainage Solutions for Water?

Greenhaven Landscape French Drain

French drain

But here’s the thing, we’ve seen it before. We have been coming up with Drainage Solutions for over 30 years. It’s that kind of experience that you need to be sure the destructive power of water is never an issue in your yard. Even if it’s just standing water, a muddy spot that won’t dry up, a small stream running through your backyard or patio area, or some other concern, why deal with the hassle? Here is one example of a contoured yard where water is channeled naturally away from the house and patio:

Let the experts at Greenhaven Landscape help you manage the details of designing, implementing, and keeping your yard and landscape beautiful.Whether it’s Drainage Solutions or any other issues, we have the answers. Call us today!