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Selling your home? Fall is a great time to prepare your home for sale. The brilliant colors of fall leaves and the snap of the crisp fall air creates an inviting charm for potential buyers. All those fall colors don’t sell your house by themselves though. You need to do a little work to keep your house in top condition for showings.

Tips for selling your house in the fall


  1. Clean up fall leaves regularly. A few leaves on the ground can be picturesque, too many and you are starting to look a little neglectful.
  2. Plant fall flowers. As summer plants die off planting some fresh flowers for fall will keep your house inviting rather than haunted.
  3. Clean gutters and roofs. Overhanging trees can create blockages in gutters and make roofs look cluttered. Maintaining your roofs and gutters will also keep water from damaging your house by directing it to the proper places.
  4. Get a wreath for your door. And some potted plants. Create an inviting atmosphere at your front door that welcomes people into the home with wreathes and touches of beauty. But keep it tasteful. More is sometimes just overpowering.
  5. Mow, pull weeds and fertilize brown grass. This may seem obvious but keeping your lawn maintenance fresh and crisp will convince potential buyers that you have been faithful in your house maintenance. And you have, haven’t you?
  6. Add outdoor lighting. As the days become shorter and it becomes darker earlier, lighting is a great way to enhance your home creating safety, visual appeal and highlighting your home’s best features.

Need help creating curb appeal?

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