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5 Reasons You Need Professional Yard Maintenance

5 Reasons You Need Professional Yard Maintenance

Who doesn’t love the appeal of a beautiful green lawn spreading out before you, lovely trees swaying in the breeze? Those spaces call you to have a picnic, relax and lounge. Oh, you don’t have a beautiful green lawn with swaying trees that call to you? Your yard is a bit more natural state, with weeds, patchy lawn and twigs that were once trees? Have you considered professional yard maintenance?

Your Yard. Your Investment.

The importance of professional yard maintenance is more than just mowing and pulling weeds. Yards are an investment. Trees, shrubs, grass, and plants all need dedicated care to stay healthy and looking beautiful. And those patios, retaining walls, walkways, and driveways? They need someone to care too. Hardscapes and structures can deteriorate creating poor visual appeal and potential safety issues. Ongoing maintenance takes all these areas into account and helps your yard to look it’s best, keeping your investment healthy and growing.

Five Way to Protect Your Investment

Here are five ways professional yard maintenance protects your investment:

  1. Regular and proper mowing and fertilizing help keep your lawn healthy and green. Healthy lawns reduce pests, keeping plant destroying insects from spreading.
  2. Pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs keep them looking nice and producing new growth. Experts know which branches to cut and which to keep so that your trees don’t end up looking like pencils. They also know how to deal with diseases, evaluating trees before it is too late.
  3. Regular yard maintenance keeps invasive species from invading your yard, which can destroy natural habitat that you are trying to preserve.
  4. Regular weed control keeps your landscape plants healthy. Weeds steal soil nutrients, water and sunlight that keep yard plants growing properly.
  5. Regular yard maintenance keeps plants well trimmed back from lights, walkways, and other places they can become hazards if allowed to grow free.

Create More Time

Maintaining a yard can become a big job quickly. Professional yard maintenance companies have the knowledge, equipment, and labor necessary to keep your yard and all its various plants, grass, and trees looking fabulous. That is a lot of stress eliminated from you and more time you can spend enjoying your yard with family and friends.

6 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Some argue that fall is the best season. Here at Greenhaven, we are torn between fall and spring (who doesn’t love spring flowers?). Both seasons have their unique beauty, but we lean a little more toward fall as the best season especially for those looking forward to spring. That seems a little counterintuitive, but you will soon see why fall is the season to get planning.

6 Reasons Fall the Best Season

Who can argue with the fall leaves?

Fall is the best season


Those brilliant colors of red, gold and purple are fantastic. Why do leaves change color in the fall? Who knows? Ok, not really. Actually, scientists do know. Those glorious fall colors are part of a whole growth cycle of deciduous trees and shrub that begin in spring. As the warm weather sets in trees and shrubs put on a spurt of growth, producing leaves and setting buds for next year’s leaves. At the same time, carbohydrates are being stored in the branches, roots, and buds that will be ready to support growth next year. (That is thinking ahead, right?).

So really the fall color is just the process of growth that is triggered by shorter days. Once the darkness of fall reaches a certain point the chlorophyll in the leaves – which makes the leaves green and is continuously being produced- stops being made. Once the chlorophyll disappears the yellow, orange, red and purple pigments are revealed. Eventually, these too disappear leaving only the brown pigments.

Fall colors are not universal. In tropical areas, deciduous trees lose their leaves quickly due to drought. And in cloudy, warm areas the colors tend to be dull. So let us reflect and be glad for our beautiful fall colors in the PNW.

Fire pits and S’mores

fire pits and smores

Who doesn’t love a good roaring fire? Snuggled up with a blanket and some s’mores is one of the best reasons for fall. Fire pits come in all different styles and can be tailored to your needs and how to use your backyard. A good designer can help you create the fire pit and seating arrangement that is best suited to your needs.

Fall is the best time to plant

And the best deals on plants are in the fall. Don’t let the warmth of spring fool you into buying all your plants in April. Fall is go time for buying and planting your trees, shrubs and even fall vegetables. This is the best time to plant deciduous trees. Rainy fall weather should keep your trees well watered and establish roots, so they are ready to leaf and bloom next spring.

You can kick back and start planning for spring.

No stress, just lots of winter darkness to dream about how you want your yard to look when the daffodils start peeking out. Now is the time to call and get on the schedule with your landscape designer. If you wait until March, your landscaper designer will probably already be booked up. And winter discounts can be a great incentive to use the rainy months to get ahead of all the people who are also planning new yards for spring.

THE Time to Plant Your Bulbs

Speaking of daffodils – now is the time to plant those spring flowering bulbs like tulips, crocus, allium and more. The anticipation of seeing those beauties come up is part of the fun.

Plant a lawn

Beautiful lawn

Fall is also the best time to lay down sod or plant grass seed and let it get established for all those fun parties you are planning for next year.

Winterize Your Yard

Fall Leaves

Pile of fall leaves with fan rake on lawn

Fall is the time to winterize your yard and get it ready for sleep. September is the perfect month to start walking around and making your list of things to do before the first frost comes. There are lots of reasons to winterize.

First, do you really want to be looking at dead plants all winter? No? Then you (or your teenagers) are going to need to get out there and remove dead landscaping.

  1. Remove dead annuals.
  2. Cut back dead or poorly looking ornamental grasses
  3. DO NOT prune. Pruning encourages growth and winter isn’t the time for tender shoots to bud.
  4. However, if you see dead branches on trees and shrubs, you can prune those out.
  5. Remove dried hydrangea blossoms, but DON’T remove the stalks. Even though they look dead new buds will form in the spring.

Winterize Your Shrubs and Plants

Winterize with Mulch

Winterize Your Yard with Mulch

Next, it is time to protect those delicate (and probably pricey) shrubs and plants:

  1. Put a good winter fertilizer that will help your be healthy as they enter into the winter. Do this before the rains come and wash away all your hard work. Ask your local nursery for the best kind for your plants.
  2. Rake up leaves and debris from under trees and shrubs.
  3. Spread 2 to 3 inches of good quality mulch under your trees and plants. Buy a mulch rather than use free mulch to keep diseases that may have entered the mulch from ground up diseased plants. You don’t want disease spreading into your plants. This helps protect roots from frost and retains moisture.

Winterize your Lawn

Aerate Your Yard

Aerate Your Yard

Now for your lawn. Healthier lawns start with good practices. Now is the time that your lawn is producing new tillers that will become new grass creating a denser turf next year.

  1. Aerate your lawn that opens up soil long dry and compacted from summer heat. This allows air and water to get to the roots of your lawn and helps nutrients get into the soil for lasting results.
  2. Fall is one of the most crucial times for fertilizing your lawn. The benefits of fertilizing now can be a pay off in a healthier summer lawn next year.
  3. Weed prevention starts now. Pull weeds that can germinate seeds in the fall.

Don’t forget to winterize your water systems! Freezing temperatures can do expensive damage to your irrigation. Burst pipes and repairs on hoses can be pretty expensive, especially if you have an emergency situation that needs immediate attention. Save yourself the hassle, cost and worry and shut off all outdoor water systems and drain out pipes.

Time to Organize

This is also a great time to organize your garden storage area. Get rid of old fertilizer, chemicals and oil and sharpen tools. Winterizing your yard doesn’t have to be frustrating. And if you need help consider hiring a good landscape maintenance company that will take care of your winterizing your yard for you.

Don’t Forget Lighting

September is also the month to start checking your outdoor lights for issues. As the nights get darker you are going to want those lights to be working with efficiency and the time to make sure all is well is not after you trip over something in the dark. Bulbs and wiring need to be check to make sure all is functioning well. Lights also can be moved during the summer when friends and family are playing in the yard. Check if your lights are aimed in the right direction and doing their job.

Need to help?

Greenhaven is a full-service landscape company that whose passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful yard spaces. We handle everything from design to lighting to maintenance. And a lot in between. Contact us about how we can help you create your perfect space.

5 Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

The sun is out and hopefully here to stay, and that means that many of us are doing some serious gardening and yard work. Raised garden beds are a great alternative to traditional ways of gardening, and they have a lot of benefits. Here are a few benefits to raised garden beds in big and small spaces.

Why you should consider raised garden beds

  1. Small and easy to place. Even small yards can get big results from raised beds. They can enhance a space and be a year-round centerpiece to your landscape.
  2. You can start with the best soil. With a build-and-add-soil set up you are in control of what goes in.
  3. Keep out the pests. Got moles? Rabbits? Other ground dwellers that tend to chew up your garden? Raised beds can be a great way to deter pests that can chew on roots and create havoc.
  4. Weed control is easier. When you start with fresh soil and have a smaller footprint, weeding becomes easier. Weeds will always be a part of the gardening process, but raised beds help keep those out weeds that tend to creep in from the paths and other non-planted spaces. Landscape fabric is also another resource to use so that it won’t become a problem.
  5. Easier on your back. Bending and stooping get harder as we get older, but we don’t have to give up the gardening with a raised bed. Raised beds can be customized to the right fit for you.

Want to know more about building, creating and maintaining a raised bed garden? Here is an excellent resource that will get you from start to finish with the least amount of trial and error.

Don’t want to make raised beds yourself? We can do it for you! Contact us for more info.


Atlas Cedar Fungus Solution

Does your Blue Atlas have a fungus?

Atlas Cedar fungus is a silent menace that can destroy your beautiful landscape trees. Know the signs and fight back. Is your Blue Atlas Cedar turning pink rather than blue? By mid-May is your once beautiful Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar practically defoliated?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to one of these two questions your tree most likely has a fungus (Sirococcus conigenus and Kabatina species).

Contact your local extension center to report

According to the OSU Extension Center, there is no known cure.  If you do suspect that you have this fungus in your Blue Atlas, your local extension center or biological control office wants to know that you have this fungus so they can continue tracking its location and the elements where it is unfortunately thriving.

What can you do?

There are some things you can do to reduce the spread of the disease and try to bring your once lovely weeper or upright Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’ or ‘Glauca Pendula’  back to its lustrous blue color.

  1. Gently shake all old needles out of the tree, rake the diseased needles and the first 1” of mulch from all around the tree out to the drip line of the branches. Bag and remove this debris. Do not put it in your garden mulch.
  2. Give your tree a quick fertilizer. I love Dr. Earth Organic fertilizer but there are plenty other name brands for organic and non-organic use.
  3. Next, spray the affected tree and soil beneath the tree with a Copper Fungicide. I use Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide Concentrate and dilute it with water. The fungus really gets moving when the temperatures are 60 – 70 degrees and wet soils. But don’t wait to spray until you see the pink… that’s too late. Spray that last week of April or the first week of May when this fungus is among us and most active.
  4. Wait two weeks and spray it one more time. No need to spray after that, this is a fairly short-lived fungus doing maximum damage in a few short weeks.  Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves and always remember when spraying to choose a day when it’s not breezy.
  5. When removing branches, don’t take more then 1/3 of the tree at a time. If more then 2/3 of your tree is pink you should consider removal and planting a different species.

If this all sounds like too much, contact your Greenhaven to assist with care, removal, and replanting.

Raina McSherry
Greenhaven Assistant Project Manager and Resident Horticulturalist

Come see us at A Beer at a Time in Camas May 13th

Come out this Saturday, May 13th in Camas to A Beer at a Time from 10 AM to 4 PM and help raise some money for DOGPAW off-leash parks.

Greenhaven has partnered with a local non-profit, DOGPAW, to help raise awareness.  DOGPAW is an all volunteer non-profit that creates and maintains off-leash dog parks in Clark County.  Greenhaven loves dogs and we love the community that DOGPAW off-leash parks create for Clark County dog owners.

Why DOGPAW off-leash dog parks?

Dogs are some of the best and loyal friends we could have but as our community grows it is getting harder to find space for them. With over 100,000 dogs and counting Clark County dogs need space to roam that is safe for both them and their people. Dog parks provide a valuable asset to the larger community because it helps dogs become better neighbors and friends. Running free in the wide open spaces with other friendly dogs gives our four-legged friends the energy burning exercise they need so that they aren’t the neighborhood nuisance.

I have land so why should I care about off-leash dog parks?

As landscapers, we love outdoor spaces and we can create some fantastic spaces for your favorite pet on your own property.  But not everyone has a yard that is suited to giving their dog the room to roam. Our furry friends often need social time with other furries. That is where off-leash dog parks are such a valuable asset to our community.

Want to get out and go for a walk with your dog but don’t have a safe place to do that?  Off-leash dog parks have walking trails.  Want to meet up with your friends and their dogs? DOGPAW off-leash dog parks are located at 4 beautiful locations around Clark County. Just pick one or explore all of them, they are all good choices. Hate cleaning up dog waste in your neighborhood? Off-leash parks help reduce waste in your neighborhoods by taking dog traffic to one location.

Want to help Save DOGPAW with us?

Donate today!  You can go to the SaveDOGPAW website and give.  Or you can go to any Riverview Bank branch and donate there.



Top 5 Landscape Problems We Can Solve

Muddy areas

There are lots of reasons you may have muddy areas in your yard. The rain the Pacific Northwest is getting isn’t any help.  But there are lots of other reasons you might have mud. The first thing you need is an assessment of your yard.  Once the main problem has been discovered we work to fix the problem.

Some of the ways that we solve this problem are; redirecting the water to a different spot with proper drainage, putting in stone pathways, and planting appropriate grass and plants for the area.

Uncomfortable Lifespaces

Most people want a place that they can not only relax and unwind in but also entertain a space made for entertaining. We have a variety of solutions to help you with this. Patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces/pits, putting greens, waterfalls, and gazebos are a few of the ways to create a relaxing and entertainment space that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. Not only can these things enhance your lifestyle but it will also increase the value of your home!

Lack of good lighting

Lighting serves several purposes in your yard.  Lighting your yard for safety, security or ambiance and function are all key ways that lights can bring practicality and beauty to your outdoor spaces.


There are many ways to create privacy. Trees, plants, fences, and walls all create spaces that feel private.

Road noise

It is difficult to relax when you are constantly hearing road noises in your yard.  This problem can be solved by creating relaxing sounds with water features or by buffering the sound with trees, fences or walls.  Don’t think that you can’t have the perfect yard environment for playing, relaxing and entertaining.

Need Help?

Greenhaven is here for you.  Big or small Greenhaven can help you create the yard and outdoor spaces that you love to live in.

Come visit our booth this weekend at the Clark PUD Home and Garden Idea Fair and find out more about how we can help you get the yard of your dreams.