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Some argue that fall is the best season. Here at Greenhaven, we are torn between fall and spring (who doesn’t love spring flowers?). Both seasons have their unique beauty, but we lean a little more toward fall as the best season especially for those looking forward to spring. That seems a little counterintuitive, but you will soon see why fall is the season to get planning.

6 Reasons Fall the Best Season

Who can argue with the fall leaves?

Fall is the best season


Those brilliant colors of red, gold and purple are fantastic. Why do leaves change color in the fall? Who knows? Ok, not really. Actually, scientists do know. Those glorious fall colors are part of a whole growth cycle of deciduous trees and shrub that begin in spring. As the warm weather sets in trees and shrubs put on a spurt of growth, producing leaves and setting buds for next year’s leaves. At the same time, carbohydrates are being stored in the branches, roots, and buds that will be ready to support growth next year. (That is thinking ahead, right?).

So really the fall color is just the process of growth that is triggered by shorter days. Once the darkness of fall reaches a certain point the chlorophyll in the leaves – which makes the leaves green and is continuously being produced- stops being made. Once the chlorophyll disappears the yellow, orange, red and purple pigments are revealed. Eventually, these too disappear leaving only the brown pigments.

Fall colors are not universal. In tropical areas, deciduous trees lose their leaves quickly due to drought. And in cloudy, warm areas the colors tend to be dull. So let us reflect and be glad for our beautiful fall colors in the PNW.

Fire pits and S’mores

fire pits and smores

Who doesn’t love a good roaring fire? Snuggled up with a blanket and some s’mores is one of the best reasons for fall. Fire pits come in all different styles and can be tailored to your needs and how to use your backyard. A good designer can help you create the fire pit and seating arrangement that is best suited to your needs.

Fall is the best time to plant

And the best deals on plants are in the fall. Don’t let the warmth of spring fool you into buying all your plants in April. Fall is go time for buying and planting your trees, shrubs and even fall vegetables. This is the best time to plant deciduous trees. Rainy fall weather should keep your trees well watered and establish roots, so they are ready to leaf and bloom next spring.

You can kick back and start planning for spring.

No stress, just lots of winter darkness to dream about how you want your yard to look when the daffodils start peeking out. Now is the time to call and get on the schedule with your landscape designer. If you wait until March, your landscaper designer will probably already be booked up. And winter discounts can be a great incentive to use the rainy months to get ahead of all the people who are also planning new yards for spring.

THE Time to Plant Your Bulbs

Speaking of daffodils – now is the time to plant those spring flowering bulbs like tulips, crocus, allium and more. The anticipation of seeing those beauties come up is part of the fun.

Plant a lawn

Beautiful lawn

Fall is also the best time to lay down sod or plant grass seed and let it get established for all those fun parties you are planning for next year.