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The sun is out and hopefully here to stay, and that means that many of us are doing some serious gardening and yard work. Raised garden beds are a great alternative to traditional ways of gardening, and they have a lot of benefits. Here are a few benefits to raised garden beds in big and small spaces.

Why you should consider raised garden beds

  1. Small and easy to place. Even small yards can get big results from raised beds. They can enhance a space and be a year-round centerpiece to your landscape.
  2. You can start with the best soil. With a build-and-add-soil set up you are in control of what goes in.
  3. Keep out the pests. Got moles? Rabbits? Other ground dwellers that tend to chew up your garden? Raised beds can be a great way to deter pests that can chew on roots and create havoc.
  4. Weed control is easier. When you start with fresh soil and have a smaller footprint, weeding becomes easier. Weeds will always be a part of the gardening process, but raised beds help keep those out weeds that tend to creep in from the paths and other non-planted spaces. Landscape fabric is also another resource to use so that it won’t become a problem.
  5. Easier on your back. Bending and stooping get harder as we get older, but we don’t have to give up the gardening with a raised bed. Raised beds can be customized to the right fit for you.

Want to know more about building, creating and maintaining a raised bed garden? Here is an excellent resource that will get you from start to finish with the least amount of trial and error.

Don’t want to make raised beds yourself? We can do it for you! Contact us for more info.